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This crisis has barely begun

A pal asked me about economist Peter Schiff's recent interview where he said the global financial crisis had barely begun. Hey, I hope I'm wrong …

We've had and continue to experience a depression in most territories, off the back of the partial collapse from 2008. They've held the global financial system together with the equivalent of sticky tape – by printing money, what they disingenuously call “quantitative easing” – but that can't go on forever because there's been huge ...

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Web corporatization: the death of an ideal

Is the web we've loved a busted flush?

To me it resembles, increasingly, Main Street, the modern High Street with all those duopolising franchise brands giving us an illusion of choice whilst running the indies, and real choice, out of business.

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2014: Here’s the Deal

We're being manipulated. Nothing new, but these days there's no excuse not to know, to understand, to fight.

The human race is potentially very healthy, our rock and fellow animals in turn, yet our opportunity is being systematically quashed by fascism (whether socialist-leaning or whatever the tag is today), with loaded strategies like ‘obsolescence' making us poor for the benefit of a few, with red herrings like ‘political correctness' splitting us apart, just as they want.

Meanwhile, it turns out, a ...

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Hickory Dickory Dock, the Rats Ran Outa the Fed

We were here in 2008, no? I mean, we didn't know it then, not like we know it now, but we were on the verge of crisis and, having never actually left that crisis, somehow again now we're on the verge of, er, crisis, or would that be Crisis, CRISIS or just Bloody Great Big Fucking CRISIS. Chris-Christie-style-Crisis? (Maybe no crisis there.)

Aaah, yes: Supersize My Crisis!


Or maybe not, sure, cos the Wizard of Biz (so that's the Fud) ...

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Writing for Packt: modern day slavery (even cotton pickers had bed and board) …

So now my ‘publisher' is selling my book, name and experience and, near as damn it, a year's work … yet is PAYING ME ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in royalties

… and despite Douglas Paterson, their ‘Publisher (Open Source)', having admitted that their pre-launch editorial and post-launch marketing “made mistakes at every conceivable turn” (and also despite Packt's Technical Ed having said I was one of the best writers he'd ever worked with).

Can you believe this dialogue, for example:-

I ...

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** Secure ** email/webmail project ~ you want “in” | can you help?

I build servers as part of my biz and have been considering a range of hyper-secure servers, only affordable for once!

For example, non-logging VPNs and disk-encrypted mail servers are what we need. In the wake of the NSA scandal, maybe you've read something about this (although anyone who ever got a targeted ad from the spyfest that is Gmail should already know about this. ...

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WordPress 3.7 Ships with Auto-Updates. Don’t Use That! (Generally.)

WordPress people know a lot about WordPress updates, but all to often they need to know a lot more, to avoid a broken site.

For one thing, WordPress bloggers, with good intention, tend to tell us to always update asap, upon a core update being available. That can be bad advice leading to broken sites, as we casually hack ourselves, effectively, due to incompatibilities from unkempt plugins, old themes and the like.

The ...

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Basic Password Security: Think again. #nsa #&pals!

Shopping for an SSL certificate, I see cert keys must now be 2048 characters, not just the previous 1028.

… Such is the spying frenzy from our dear leaders, good job.

My clearly not-at-all-political point is this: isn't it time that we recognised that, to protect our biz and identities, we should be using mission critical passwords of, what, at least 128 characters? Or maybe just 64 if you change them each ...

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An Open Letter to Packt Publishing


An open letter to Louay Fatoohi (Founder) and Douglas Paterson (Publisher, OpenSource) at Packt Publishing.

Dear Louay and Douglas,

Having not heard from Louay regarding the negotiations I had with Douglas, in over eight months, I have launched the agreed website, I am happy to provide Packt with whatever site revenue, Louay, that ...

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Guvnr: relaunching my pyjama blog!

This post is brought to you by Olly Connelly who likes cute bulldogs and who sometimes feels like this one.

Hey people, awol guv here! Back, kicking, blogging.

It's been a funny old few years. What's left of my community here at Guvnr may well have thought I'd kicked the dust. From time ...

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