About Guvnr, its sister sites & Olly Connelly

Hi! Welcome to Guvnr, Olly's ridiculously exciting blog.

So what is it, who's Olly Connelly (OK, let's face it, that's me), this and that and whatnot?

Have some spiel …

About Guvnr

Guvnr launched in 2008 as a showcase for my web production & content services and, with the majority of the articles being web-based tutorials, subsequently forked its sister sites vpsBible and wpCop.

What with working commitments, writing a book, renovating a couple of flats and building vpsBible and wpCop, I left Guvnr to gather digital dust for a couple of years but, as of Autumn 2013, have relaunched the thing. And it feels darned good to be back.

Guvnr now plays ‘news front' for wpCop and vpsBible while, itself, having more general tutorials about making the most of the web. It's also the place where I have some fun and frolics, so expect an eclectic mix of humour and politics, rants from my pants and who knows what else.

About Olly

Conceived in the Summer of Love, I like to think I'm the reincarnation of some dude who copped it after a Woodstock head-banger.

Born in Windsor, England, I'm no relation. I live with “She who must be obeyed”, just off a beach in Valencia, Spain.

My background is broadcasting and satirical journalism and my experience includes serially annoying the BBC, Bloomberg and MTV. I quit the mainstream media twelve years ago to do something more honest, becoming a freelance content producer, web developer and, subsequently, a system administrator and outright hacker. An ethical one, honest.

As a ‘hack turned hacker', I see high quality content as the key to demystifying complex subjects and, in an attempt to keep folks awake, sugar-coat techy topics with a dose of humour. I try to provide jargon-free explanations behind each and every step in a tutorial, something that, in my humble, tends to be missing with online guides written by geeks for geeks. (Then again, don't get me wrong: “Blessed are the geeks!”) I produce a lot of tutorial screencasts too and plan to add a streaming radio podcast thing to Guv.

When I'm not tapping keystrokes I like gardening, kite-surfing, cussing at the news and, failing all that, a damn fine pint.

You can catch up with me on LinkedIn and Twitter, else by email.

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About vpsBible

Instigated by a popular series of tutorials here at Guvnr, vpsBible shows Linux noobs how to set up a high performance (virtual private/VPS) web server.

Currently it concentrates on setting up a Debian or Ubuntu system sporting the Nginx web server, PHP and MySQL, as well as platform-specific guides for adding WordPress or Drupal sites, and has a bunch of scripts to automate the process if you're just feeling lazy.

Now, with wpCop newly-launched and Guvnr back on track, I'm rebuilding the site to allow for more operating systems, database and web server packages, and with greater emphasis on server configuration, such as caching, and administrative tasks such as security maintenance and logging … the whole darned shebang written for Linux and VPS noobs.

About wpCop

Again forked from a popular post, here at Guvnr, wpCop is my latest project and sets out how, properly, to secure WordPress.

The thing is, securing WordPress isn't as simple as merely securing the platform. Far from it. wpCop explains both the direct and indirect threats to our sites before showing how to test them, and their servers, and subsequently securing every relevant asset from the local (web development) PC to router to safe use of the web, to site and server connectivity, to hardening the server itself and, finally, to securing WordPress itself.

… While all of that is relevant to WordPress, you'd be forgiven for thinking that most of wpCop's content is relevant to securing any old site, to understanding safe web discipline more generally, to defending the local PC or just for folks who want to learn how to hack. For sure, while wpCop concentrates on WordPress, the truth is that there's good security know-how for anyone who ever boots up a machine or logs online.

Dove-tailing wpCop & vpsBible

This is where I'm ‘at'.

If wpCop secures the site, vpsBible hosts the thing – so to say – so these subjects are largely interdependent.

Right now, I'm rebuilding vpsBible to sit alongside wpCop, sharing the forums and community.

So that's nice.


If you read all that lot, well done. 🙂