File Sharing Site Torpedoed After Fine Threat

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The file sharing peer-to-peer network, The Pirate Bay, has had the plug pulled.

The decision to suspend the site was taken by their main web host, Black Internet, which was threatened with a hefty fine by Sweden's Stockholm District Court.

The penalty decision, written in Swedish, also targeted three of the Pirate Bay's founders, and here's a translation ..

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“Black Internet has not taken any steps to prevent [copyright] infringement, despite the company on several occasions being informed that intrusion and abetting infringement is occurring with the use of its services.”

This follows the conviction of Gottfried Swartholm Warg, Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde Kolmisoppi and Carl Lundström last spring.

The fine itself would have amounted to 500,000 Swedish kronor, just over $70,000.

After cutting service to The Pirate Bay, just after 3pm local time, Black Internet CEO Victor Moller was reportedly quoted by, “There are laws and rules in society and they should be followed.”

Other than earning notoriety for its file sharing community, The Pirate Bay has gained headlines for boosting the popularity of Sweden's Pirate Party, with which it has no direct connection. Surrounding the Pirate Bay trial in April 2009, Pirate Party membership swelled from 15,000 to 40,000 in a week, later winning a parliamentary seat. Campaigning on a civil liberties ticket, the Pirate Party has since become Sweden's third largest political party.

It remains to be seen whether The Pirate Bay has sunk without trace, else will increase capacity with its other service providers, but for now at least the site doesn't resolve.

News isn't the regular remit of web tutorial site, but as I couldn't find an English translation of today's events, I figured I'd provide it.

the_guv will of course be observing a minute's silence, sometime later, down the pub.


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