Feb 09 Blog Summary. What Did You Miss? And Coming Up In March…

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A big thanks to you folks for supporting this blog. I hope it's handy. Whether ‘yay' or ‘nay', let me know, and especially tell me the kind of subjects you'd like to see covered.

If any posts have been particularly useful, please leave a comment to say so and, hey, you can grab a feed for RSS or email updates to your feed reader, web browser or inbox.

Right, spiel over 😉

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Coming up in March…

3 posts per week is the target, with a bunch of video tutorials, and concentrating on some popular web platforms for business and social use:-

  • Skype – setting up a better profile, plus some top extensions
  • Facebook – making more of it, for fun and work
  • Firefox – more great addons uncovered
  • Web video – how to upload to multiple sites in one go
  • WordPress – yet more how-to's, plus best of plugins
  • Friday Fun – show-casing the far reaches of the wicked wild web

February posts – did you miss?…

Here's a recap, take a peek:-

Cheap Host Review … 6 Months on, Here's the Verdict

Researching cheap ISPs, I got fed up with false friend blogs saying it's great “Sign Here”. Now, a Lunarpages reseller * too, I'd recommend my ISP for some but, for sure, not all…

* EDIT: No, not any more .. I binned those LooneyTunes months ago now, after their “support” department managed to lose my database. Didn't really ring true, reselling space cadets. Course, I gave 'em a rocket. Hmmn.

Video How-to: 10 Tips To Make WordPress Hack-Proof

“WordPress – Be Secure Not Hacked!” 10 easy steps; How to upgrade, update/hide plugins, change db prefix & turn off errors, delete “admin”, password, hide version, remove WP meta tag, create .htaccess file. Prevention is better than cure, all that…

Friday Fun: Charlie the Unicorn

A YouTube classic, Charlie The Unicorn has been viewed over 30 million times. If it rocks your socks, you can check out the sequel, plus other ridiculous stuff…

15 Ways to Protest About Facebook's Content Scraping Strategy

So, what's the problem? Facebook's about-faced, yeah? Your content is safe, huh? It's been Digged, done, dusted? … Wrong! Here's what you've gotta do…

Facebook – Cool, huh! (Except They Want To Steal Your Content?)

FB binned a clause saying users could remove their content at any time, with the license duly expiring. Instead, it now said Facebook would retain that content…

Video How-to: Backup & Restore a Database with phpMyAdmin

See just how fast ‘n easy it is to backup & restore a db with phpMyAdmin. Plus, for WordPress, how to use wp-phpmyadmin to secure your WordPress db

WordPress Upgrade Error Solved – Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction()

If you've tried upgrading WordPress and received an error like this…

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction()

…here's what you do…

Friday Fun: Mel's Hole on Coast To Coast

This show is classic. It starts odd when Mel finds a 15 mile deep hole, dwindling to downright dumb when he lowers a sheep 1500 feet down, to see what happens. It isn't meant to be funny. But it is…

LunarPages Hacked My Site!!

LunarPages hacked my site, pulled it down and stamped on it. Here is why, and how to sort this matter…

Video How-to: Install & Configure a WordPress Plugin

Simple 1-2-3 video guide…how to install a WordPress plugin…how to configure the plugin using “Show Me Options”. Enjoy!…

Friday Fun: Custom Road Sign

Check out the_guv for Friday fun, plus tips and tutorials for web dev and surf, blogging and content…

Surf Fast with Google Chrome – here's the cheatsheet

Here's a handy cheatsheet for surfers and web developers, to make the most of Google Chrome. Faster, controlled surfing and better page production. Hurrah!…

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About the Author:

Olly Connelly (yeah, that's me) blogs at, polices WordPress security at and helps noobs build web servers at, so if you've got sleeping problems you know where to come.


  1. the_guv  September 16, 2009

    @mcbee .. you are thoroughly and splendidly welcome, thank you

  2. mcbee  September 13, 2009

    Thank you much for some useful posts, as always.

  3. the_guv  July 16, 2009

    @Harsh .. you really are too ruddy kind! Having recently found, enjoyed and benefitted from your blog, the feeling is mutual, Sir.

  4. Harsh Agrawal  July 16, 2009

    This is my first visit to your blog and from your comment I can figure out you are en expert in your field.
    I love your blog design 🙂

  5. the_guv  April 24, 2009

    splendid Tarak – hey, I’m a newbie too, let’s bring it on!

    I’ve been a touch busy this week but will resume the series postings for Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) .. The V-P-S Bible on Tuesday.

  6. Tarak  April 24, 2009

    Thanks mate – you’ve changed a quivering VPS newbee into a, well errr … maybe if … I think I can do it. I think I can do it. I can do it if … – I DID IT!(;) )

  7. the_guv  March 8, 2009

    splendid, big cheers Paul … great to hear and nice to meet you. top!

  8. Paul Myatt  March 6, 2009

    Love the blog Olly and especially the WordPress security video which I’ve written about on my site.

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