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OK, so I'm aware most of my subscribers are Statesiders, and I know you folks don't really do the whole holiday thing 😛 Being one of those antique Europeans, on the other hand, I'm a lazy sod and, being Spanish, my wife is even worse, so we kind of take a few weeks out.

This year, I'd planned to work anyhow, care of my shiny new HP laptop, but as the damn motherboard died, that put paid to that, and that's why I've been quiet over the last few weeks.

But, hey. I'm back at home in Spain, running the workstation and cutting some copy, so we're back in the blog biz. Here's what's round the corner:-

Setup Unmanaged VPS (4 Noobs!) ... with vpsBible
Secure WordPress. Properly. ... with wpCop, the platform's dedicated security website
Olly 'the_guv' Connelly's site and 'WordPress 3 Ultimate Security' book.

  • The sequel to the VPS Bible, VPS Admin, concludes over the next few weeks, and I'll also be updating the Bible to reflect the latest stable releases of, for example, Nginx.
  • My plan is, shortly, to offer the VPS Bible and VPS Admin series as a downloadable ebook so that, for a small donation, users can refer to the series locally without having to surf all those web pages.
  • Otherwise, the Perfect Linux Web Dev Machine is now being polished and will be published as one bumper post. OK, it's taking longer than expected for the reasons above but, you know what, it's damn good. If you've got Linux, it'll give ideas. If you've got a Windows box, this will sorely tempt you to rightsize. If you're a web developer considering the switch, this is a must-have read, explaining how you can have your Lin-ows cake and really scoff it.
  • Plus a bunch of other stuff, ‘cos that's just the way it goes.

Big cheers folks, and kind regards to y'all.


PS If you're wondering about that piccy, it's where I flew off too last week: The Cinque Terre is on the Italian Riviera, and very nice it is too. The lil village in the foreground is Riomaggiore, not to be confused with, er, Roger Moore.


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Olly Connelly (yeah, that's me) blogs at, polices WordPress security at and helps noobs build web servers at, so if you've got sleeping problems you know where to come.


  1. the_guv  September 18, 2009

    @Agus .. big cheers buddy, LOL.

    Get this. I’m a Brit, so brought with a Protestant work ethic. My missus is Spanish, so the cuture’s Catholic. We live in Spain, there’s a saint day, every day of the year here, you’d think most of them were holidays and countless are anyway.

    I don’t know how these Spaniards ever get anything done 😉

  2. Agus  September 17, 2009

    We actually get the holiday thing, we just dont dip ourselves in it enough… there is no beating the Europeans for holiday.. we envy Europeans and we want to blame the capitalism… 😀

    Bet you had a blast… Welcome back, and goodluck with the ebook your planning… 🙂


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