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Karmic Bible really Digged

PRESS RELEASE: teams up with to promote the ultimate Ubuntu 9.10 installation guide.

Been a busy week or so with the release of the Karmic Koala Bible as a pdf with the boys at *. This ultimate Ubuntu guide took the #2 spot on Digg Tech, was showered with Tweets and is being hailed all over the blogosphere.

.. so that's cool.

* And a big cheers to Aibek and Simon. Good fun guys.

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There has also been some very interesting feedback about both the Bible, which is the conglomeration of my 25 part Karmic Koala series, and about the habits of Ubuntu users. Two things are clear:-

  • Regarding the guide, ideally, it would cover the bases for newbies to use GUI (graphical user interface) options, as currently my instructions are biased to using the terminal.
  • Related to that, the terminal is real scary for many, with even relatively experienced Ubuntans having never (or barely) used it.

That latter point is no surprise to me. Hey, I felt the same way not long ago.

Ultimate Ubuntu Bible 10.04

So for the next edition of the Bible, which will be out in April, I'll attend to the above concern, while also trying to simplify and encourage use of the terminal, which really we need to make the most of Linux.

Here's the press release I put out yesterday:-'s latest Linux guide – the definitive installation and enhancement guide for Ubuntu's new operating system, Karmic Koala – has been lauded by the Digg and Twitter communities, making the #2 spot in Digg's Technology poll and receiving scores of Tweets.

The full index to the guide can be found at

Detailed over 25 sections, the “Karmic Koala Bible” appeals to both Linux initiates and intermediates alike, stepping out key procedures such as partition planning and with a raft of system tweaks. It manages also to simplify use of the often-daunting terminal for greater user efficiency, even for new users.

Guvnr's founder Olly Connelly said of the guide, “The latest Ubuntu release is superbly user-friendly. At last Linux is giving Windows a serious run for its money. This guide gives newbies all the start-up knowledge they need while helping intermediates to attain a truly enhanced system setup.”

Which Online Press Release Service to Use?

I used the free services at i-newswire, prlog and free-press-release.

Fact is though, I'm not sure any of them send out to the big boys, ie the Google and Yahoo news services.

If anyone knows of a good free service, please let me know.


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