Guvnr: relaunching my pyjama blog!

This post is brought to you by Olly Connelly who likes cute bulldogs and who sometimes feels like this one.

Hey people, awol guv here! Back, kicking, blogging.

It's been a funny old few years. What's left of my community here at Guvnr may well have thought I'd kicked the dust. From time to time, truth to tell, it's felt like that. Finally, I'm back online and Guvnr's been rebuilt, and re-purposed, so “Hi. It's good to be back in the land of the blogging.

So what's occurring?

I'm launching a new site over the next few days, wpCop, a spin-off from some book I wrote about securing WordPress, so that's pretty exciting. I'll doubtless be writing quite a lot more about that project which fits in rather nicely with vpsBible, which right now I'm redeveloping with a bunch of new tutorials and (much needed) improved functionality.

Guvnr, meanwhile, has had a lick of paint and been included as a part of a hefty new WordPress Multisite installation, the idea being to multi-manage some of my sites, save some time and to use that for writing and producing tutorials. So who knows, maybe my post rate of about 1 per annum will increase. About time, I know.

Guvnr's the news front for its new sister, wpCop, and soon for the revamped vpsBible. Those two sites don't have blogs, so the idea is for Guvnr to play that role, publish some of its own more general tutorials and, for good measure, to have few laughs along the way.

So there you go. My online offering, such as ever it was, is now more evidently re-shaping and, truly I hope, will prove more useful than ever to the online community. Many would say that wouldn't be difficult, touche!

‘Asta muy pronto, tios mios.



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