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You're a freelance content pro and you know how it is: you're poor and running on fumes!

It's no easy deal quitting the corporates to take the e-lance route, swapping the fast lane for the slow lane that is online blogjam.

I guess frustration is the keyword as you try to zip thru' the traffic just to dead-end with yet another road block. However well you can sling a string, there is no easy path to success.

Sometimes though, something happens.

Something happens to drive away the doubts and cast a full beam on the road ahead and where it can take you. Once again you're cruising in a higher gear.

Setup Unmanaged VPS (4 Noobs!) ... with vpsBible
Secure WordPress. Properly. ... with wpCop, the platform's dedicated security website
Olly 'the_guv' Connelly's site and 'WordPress 3 Ultimate Security' book.

But enough of the dumb driving detour. I just wanted to share a snippet with like-minded folks who also get, candidly, pissed off every now and then. Because sometimes, however tight the budget, there's a little something that can mean even more than a paycheck, and that's a kind word.

Take it away, Lee .. this was his mail:-

Lee & Ken at Patterson's


Please excuse the use of email, but wanted to send you a picture and say “Thanks”.

I see you've been getting some negative comments on the vpsbible forum by those who seem to think all info and scripts should be perfect no matter their choice of host. I trust you're not letting these folks get under your skin. I'm sure most of your site members feel that your site is indeed a bargain. In my case the vpsbible was like throwing a life saver to a drowning man. There was so much to learn about setting up a VPS I didn't know where to start. For me the real value is when something didn't work (rarely) I knew enough to figure it out.

So, until you add a, “buy the Guv a pint!” button, I took the liberty of taking the attached photos with my mate Ken. Hope you like them, and I hope you like Newcastle as that's what I've been buying you here at Patterson's.

By the way, I'm serious about that pint button. More then once I would have happily sent a pound or 2 your way when one of your tutorials saved me much pain.

Keep up the good work!


Well, bless my soul! Bless you Lee, bless your ol' cotton socks. And bless you for not being a Cors Lite-as-Lemonade man. I penned this out, was gonna mail it but then, well .. I hope you don't mind, I figured this open reply, hopefully an inspiration to other struggling content producers, would make for a special occasion here at Guvnr.

Hi Lee,

Wow. Damn, you have moved, humbled and inspired me. Thank you so very much.

The God's honest is that my online adventure – however fun and challenging, and for sure it is those things – is a steep climb and sometimes lonely. It's pretty tough stuff juggling the vpsB project with the need to earn a crumb. And meanwhile I'm acutely aware that Guvnr, my opensource payback and perhaps sentimental muse, suffers while I try to figure out a timely way to work in some worthwhile content here too.

It is true I've had mixed reactions to vpsBible. Just the other day someone Twittered that it “really is the most pointless and horrendously designed incentive to sign up site ever.” Ouch to that, then! And, however rare, hopefully innacurate and perhaps biased a sentiment is that kind of slap-down, there is a part of me that for sure debates some variant of that line. For sure I find myself debating my vpsB business model (as well as the pageload speed.)

I daresay I'm not the only essentially creative, essentially unpragmatic type who opens up the email client seeking some note of encouragement. Generally such a note would be in the form of $currency: a subscriber, a successful project or an opportunity. The bottom line aside, perhaps it's a sign of the times that one can forget the highest value currency of all, heart-felt humanity.

Your email is beyond business. It is priceless. And whether your verdict of my service is right or wrong, it stretches out with the most splendid of gifts, the hand of friendship.

Big cheers to you Lee, to Ken too and, for that matter, to your vitally-important landlord Mr Patterson. See you down the pub, m8. (Mine's a Guinness but Newcy Brown's a fully fair fallback. 😛 )


If anyone wants to pop by the vpsB forums and tell it like it is, whatever your tipple, you are welcome. Meantime, as I have said and so far failed to do, it is my intention to crack out some cute tuts here at Guv-central too, soon as I can.



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