Firefox ScribeFire Plugin for Remote Blogging

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So, if this works I'll have published a new post to, remotely, using Firefox's ScribeFire add-on.

So, hey.

Definitely use that more.

Short & sweet ScribeFire review

It connects easily enough and is great for adding uncomplicated posts, like this one, on the fly. There's no html editing possible with ScribeFire, in the browser – UPDATE: I think there is now! Top marks – and it can be a bit clunky to use so sometimes I find myself going back to the blog to fine-tune the styling.

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And, while it looks great to be able to access and edit any of your blog content form the browser window – and it's heaps quicker to navigate and save than with the WordPress engine – the downside is that when you get back to WordPress, if your editing is set to an html view, then you'll find all of your previously beautifully laid-out code, now pulverised into a heap, slowing down future edits.

Short & sweet ScribeFire verdict

If you are happy with the rich text editor, and most folks edit their WordPress blogs with a rich text editor anyway, then this is a must-have plugin. A huge time-saver over the hulking WordPress engine.

If, like me, you edit your blog in html, then the Firefox ScribeFire plugin is useful, espcially for new posts written on the fly and tidied up later, but to be used with care, so as to keep your code ordered.

Another UPDATE! Just try it. Scribefire's a great tool, especially for bloggers, and has been really well maintained and enhanced over several years now.


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  1. the_guv  January 7, 2009

    @ aridMT & lazynitwit. Never heard of Deepest Sender. I hear WP 2.7 will have a similar built-in facility, so you can blog from your browser. It’d be a simple bookmark, so that’s one less firefox addon. Will keep you posted. The only thing I don’t like about ScribeFire is that you can’t properly format your new post, so have to edit in WP anyway. Great for drafts though.

  2. aridMT  December 29, 2008

    I use Deepest Sender, works for me

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