Update for May ’07, With April Posts Recap

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Subscribers, readers, commenters, big cheers for putting up with me.

Thought I'd drop in a few lines about some of the plans I've got for the blog during May ..

.. especially for those of you who were wondering if ever I'd finish this VPS Bible series – Set Up an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) .. The V-P-S Bible – and get back to WordPress and other cool platforms.

Hey, tx for your patience! So here's the deal. Well, may shove in an ad first, so ignore that.

Setup Unmanaged VPS (4 Noobs!) ... with vpsBible
Secure WordPress. Properly. ... with wpCop, the platform's dedicated security website
Olly 'the_guv' Connelly's vpsBible.com site and 'WordPress 3 Ultimate Security' book.

This VPS series was only supposed to be about 7 parts long. Going on 20, er, “Ha!”

And then there's those private client projects I'm working on, and what with a complete strip-down of Guvnr over the last couple of weeks – cos it sucked for SEO and I couldn't have that – and so basically I'm publishing about half of what I'd like to be posting, per week, at the moment.

In May, I'll finish the VPS series – so now you've got no excuse but to leave your crappy shared host, team up with yer mates, and build a bullet-proof, horny as heck, cute-as and generally super sexy virtual server. And being a damn perfectionista, the series will have to be good, with all the corresponding video sorted, what-have-you. Then, grrrr, that'll be quite enough of anything that doesn't resemble a virtual bloomin' headache, for a while 😉

I've been working on some other posts, some about getting the most out of your PC, and others about Skype and, inevitably, WordPress, and I'll be cracking those out at around the end of the month, else early June.

As per usual, if there's something you want covered, or if you just want to recommend me to a different career, leave a comment, there's a good fellow.

Right. I suppose you'll be wanting that recap now. Jolly good, well done, cheerio all that …

April posts – did you miss?…

Seeing as I didn't have a summary for March, for reasons explained, er, in March, I'll include those posts here too.

Here's a recap, take a peek:-

Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 10: Prepare Linux Server for Email with Postfix

Part 10: How to install an email function for the Linux server, installing Postfix, changing the hostname and setting reverse DNS (RDNS). […]

Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 9: Add a Domain Zone to Your VPS

Part 9: Setting up your VPS, or any Linux server, you'll need to point it to a domain name, and to configure what's known as a DNS zone. Here's how.

Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 8: PHP5, MySQL and Xcache (for Platforms like WordPress)

Part 8 – Install PHP for server-side web applications, Xcache to speed things up & MySQL for databases. And tweak the lot for optimum performance. […]

Grey Fluffy Clouds on YouTube – Friday Fun

Remember The Orb's “Little Fluffy Clouds”, or am I just showing my age? Damn, how cool was that. These guys have ruined it. […]

Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 7: Edit bashrc for User-Friendly Linux, plus System Updates

Part 7: Set an alias to shortcut Linux commands using bashrc, and add functions to make life easier & workflow faster. Plus system update / upgrade […]

Set Up an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 6: Harden the Secure Shell (SSH) & Create a Firewall

Part 6: Solidify your remote OpenSSH connection and set up a firewall using iptables. Just copy and paste the code […]

Set Up an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 5: Encrypt Data with OpenSSH & Auto-Login with PuTTY

Part 5: Secure a local-to-remote connection using PuTTY and OpenSSH. And we'll streamline a password-free logon process with authentication keys […]

Set Up an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 4 + VIDEO: Create a Linux User & Set Permissions

Part 4: Don't log into Linux as root, with the trigger-happy permissions that gives. Better to create a user with SuperUser permissions […]

Set Up an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 3 + VIDEO: Set Up the Command Line Interface (CLI) using PuTTY

Part 3: Use PuTTY & OpenSSH to setup a secure tunnelled connection with authentication keys & simplify login to a double-click, password-free process […]

Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 2 + VIDEO: Set Up a VPS Linux Distribution

Part 2: Set up a VPS account and choose, configure & launch a Linux distribution. […]

Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 1: VPS (Virtual Private Server) vs Shared vs Dedicated

Part 1: Weigh up the various web host types, detailing what to look for in a VPS solution, both managed & unmanaged […]

Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) .. The V-P-S Bible ..

MONDAY! 17 Parts+Video “blank VPS -> moving day” Ideal 4 WordPress; Ubuntu, OpenSSH, PuTTY, f'wall, PHP, Xcache, MySQL, Subversion, P'fix, Nginx, Webmin, GoogleApps, etc, etc, etc…

Video How-To: Save Money with Promo Codes – Nice & Easy

Buying online? Wanna save a few bucks? Got 5 mins? This video shows you how, using promomotion codes, nice ‘n easy. […]

Friday Fun: 2012 & timeline_39

Heard of 2012? Google it. Even better. YouTube it. OK, so we're heading for disaster? Dunno. But I'll tell you what, some of the vids and threads are darned entertaining. […]

Video How-to: Install WordPress – Nice ‘n Simple

So you wanna blog, huh? And you've looked at the options, and like WordPress. Me too! And you like the expandability and personalisation that a WordPress standalone install gives, but are put off by the installation process? … Don't be. […]

Guvnr Gets WordPressed (hey, I'm on your Dashboard!)

So you liked that WordPress security vid, huh? – Video How-to: 10 Tips To Make WordPress Hack-Proof. Well, I'm pleased about that, mighty pleased. Thank you.

HOSTING PROBLEM – Notice to My Splendid Subscribers & Rock-on Readers…

Just a quick note to say I've had some pig-ear problems with my hosting provider this last week, and am taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again. I'll be writing some more about this, soon as…

Guvnr.com Feb 09 Blog Summary. What Did You Miss? And Coming Up In March…

If any posts have been particularly useful, please leave a comment to say so and, hey, you can grab a feed for RSS or email updates to your feed reader, web browser or inbox…

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  1. Blondy  April 11, 2011

    That’s way more clever than I was exepctnig. Thanks!

  2. the_guv  May 12, 2009

    no worries Ben – you’re right, and I appreciate the tip, and your email.

    Height limit is gone, and I’m sure it’s improved usability.

  3. Ben  May 8, 2009

    Heh, I spent a while making a quality comment but lost it when I forgot to put in my email (wordpress form validation fails).

    I tried ModX didn’t really like it, seems dumbed down compared to Drupal. Took me a while to change the settings on the comment form, which wanted me to use html to do so.

    You might want to check out aegir:

    ..and buzzr http://www.lullabot.com/articles/buzzr-demo-video-making-drupal-usable

    a couple of really promising Drupal projects.

  4. the_guv  May 8, 2009

    @Ben – thanks for that – appreciate it.

    The height limit is a design compromise for a few reasons, but I wonder how many people feel as you do. Not overly keen either on inner scrolls.

    Opengoo looks good, but I generally work with only 1 or 2 people per project. I looked at Drupal for something last year…

    When not using WordPress I use MODx. Try it and let me know. Very modular and the community is terrific. Had wanted to blog some about that … what do you think?

  5. Ben  May 7, 2009

    It would be really good if you could remove the height limit on the content box. I’ve got a scrollbar inside a scrollbar here, not really a fan.

    Content is king, and your providing it in good quality and quite frequently so well done!

    WordPress is great for blogs but you might also be interested in Drupal for more complex sites and opengoo for project management. These two apps have been great.

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