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Preview: How to Surf Anonymously & Hide Your PC

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How safe is your identity online, and your data offline?

Quick heads-up. Because coming up, next week, here with the_guv

Better Anonymity with

UPDATE: Feb 2013

This guide is old. The theory is good but the practise is worn.

For up-to-date advice please check out my new site read more →


jQuery Birthday, 1.3 Born, OpenSource Lives On

jQuery logo

Cruising about, looking for some material about javascript for a post I'm writing, and I find this post at Ajaxian.

Happy Birthday jQuery! v1.3 is Released

Well, maybe it's nearly Friday, I just cashed a nice check and had a cute glass of whiskey, but I wanted to show my appreciation for jQuery, John Resig's supercool javascript library, which turns 3 ...

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Happy New Year, Snappy New Site & a Ton of New Content screenshot

OK, so we're all turkey'ed out and glad to be back at work. Sure, I was really thinking that last week on the ski slope. And I guess this is one of those years we face with a certain degree of trepidation.

Hey, you never know. Maybe Microsoft will go out of business, Internet Explorer finally gets binned and we're all laughing after all.

Maybe not.


Video How-to: Add a Favicon

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If I had a Big Mac for every favicon tutorial out there, I'd be dead. But hey, I needed a favicon, and I figured a video illustrating the process may come in handy for some folks, so here goes.

What is a favicon, and what's it for? I explain that here and in the video, as well as showing how you can make one using Photoshop, else ...

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Windows Authenticode Nag Screen

Windows Authenticode Nag Screen screenshot

Seen this nag screen? Or rather, this scare screen, from Microsoft? Let me answer that! If you install software from a vendor that hasn't been “approved” by Microsoft, you have. “Approved”, one could argue, is another word for “conned”. And you and I, the software users, are left confused. Don't be.

For a tidy little revenue stream, Microsoft charges software vendors so ...

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Video How-to: Subscribe to Content Feeds

RSS icons screenshot

The best thing about the web is its role as an information resource. But all that info gets daunting and that's where subscribing to RSS feeds comes in. This article helps get you started with feeds to improve your web experience.

The video is a quick start into grabbing feeds. These accompanying notes cover 3 things:-

  • What are content feeds?
  • Why might I ...
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Perfect Windows PC Install

Perfect Windows PC Install image

Want a fast, cheap-as-chips, bullet-proof dream machine? Here's how…

The Perfect Windows PC Install may involve a bin, buying a Mac instead and using that. Else installing Linux. Then again, for many reasons a Windows PC is what you need, or rather what you want – ‘the devil you know' and all that. OK, fair play. So here's the guvGuide to installing afresh, and configuring to perfection, ...

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Firefox ScribeFire Plugin for Remote Blogging

Firefox ScribeFire Plugin image

So, if this works I'll have published a new post to, remotely, using Firefox's ScribeFire add-on.

So, hey.

Definitely use that more.

Short & sweet ScribeFire review

It connects easily enough and is great for adding uncomplicated posts, like this ...

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