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MSM: “Fears grow over Western strike on Syria amid calls for legal justification”

This post is brought to you by Olly Connelly who likes cute bulldogs and who sometimes feels like this one.

!War with Syria! Uncooperative Russians. Unimpassioned electorate.

We’ve been here before. Again.

Why not fast-forward the otherwise predictable politicycle (nice word, huh):-

1. Another illegal war. Bugger.
2. Murdoch Man: “15 minutes from Armawhatnot”
3. Colon Powers: ...

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Sync User Roles Across WordPress Multisite Network

Scenario: You share users across a WordPress Multisite network, and maybe for instance are using the Multisite User Management plugin to add new site subscribers to the network mapped master site or sub-sites. So far so good (and you can even share a single cookie using the Root Cookie plugin, by the way ;)).


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The Bilderberg Parliamentary Question (UK) 2013

Many are asking, “What is the influence of the Bilderberg group?” That includes some British MPs, one of whom, Michael Meacher, forced the organisation's Kenneth Clarke to answer to the House, yesterday, on this issue.

Parliamentary Question from Michael Meacher MP to Ken Clarke Minister Without Portfolio, Ex-Justice Minister and Bilderberg Steering Committee member:-

“Though [in Watford last week the Bilderberg attendees] were clearly discussing some of the biggest issues at this time, why have we had no statement from the Prime ...

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‘WordPress 3 Ultimate Security’ Book – Press Release


Some of you may have found this site off the back of a pretty well-known post about WordPress security, 10 Tips To Make WordPress Hack-Proof.

In the comments I promised a follow-up because, frankly, I wasn't satisfied with the content, it just didn't cover the WordPress security bases. The problem was, to properly ...

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PayPal Support? You Must be Joking

paypal's logo

The sham that is PayPal does not fail to disappoint.

First they open a “case” for no apparent reason, having received no complaint and as I explained in PayPal: Can I Trust You With My Business?

Then they steal money from my account. Steal? Strong word huh .. it's in the dictionary. (Sue me!)

17 emails to their “support” department later, they haven't answered ...

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PayPal: Can I Trust You With My Business?

paypal's logo

PayPal brands itself as The faster and safer way to get paid. Really? I've used the service over many years and generally everything seems to work.

Sometimes, though, their poor controls and irresponsibility takes over and completely screws your time and business.

Here's one such occasion. It is not the first such example, nor the worst case I have had (by far) ...

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Community Chest: The Sunny Side of the E-lance Coin

"thanks guvnr" thank you note

You're a freelance content pro and you know how it is: you're poor and running on fumes!

It's no easy deal quitting the corporates to take the e-lance route, swapping the fast lane for the slow lane that is online blogjam.

I guess frustration is the keyword as you try to zip thru' the traffic just to dead-end with ...

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The Lucid Lynx Installation Process

Ubuntu's lucid lynx 10.04 LTS logo

This tutorial steps out how to setup Ubuntu 10.04, whether on a single or multiple partitions, separating data from the OS or for a dual-boot system.

The setup is straightforward with the exception of the Partitioning Manager which, for noobs, can confuse. This guide helps manage the install with particular attention to the partitioning.

Read all of this section ...

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Future-Proofed Partitioning: Best Advice 4 Lucid

Ubuntu's lucid lynx 10.04 LTS logo

Build a healthy PC with separate partitions for your data and system files as well as for other operating systems. Here's how.

Pre-OS-install, mapping out data/system demands for optimal disk segmentation saves headaches down the road.

.. You don't have to, but it is a mighty good idea to put pen to paper, ring-fencing the departmental demands you will ...

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Edition Basics: Here’s the Difference

Ubuntu's lucid lynx 10.04 LTS logo

What's the difference between Ubuntu's Desktop & Server editions, whether for Lucid Lynx 10.04 or otherwise?

Essentially, the kernel. Server's is configured for the demands of a web server, Desktop's for those of an office production & multimedia environment.

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