Using Launchers to Aid Productivity

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Launchers are Ubuntu shortcuts for your Desktop. Here's how to create them.

Being a shortcut kind of a guy, I add a couple of these to save wading through the applications menu.

They can be used to enact any command though: maybe to run a script, but basically to launch a process.

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For example, let's say I want a launcher for Thunderbird, which generally I do. Navigate the menu:-

Applications > Internet > right click on Thunderbird > Add this launcher to panel


How to Create a Custom Launcher

  • Right click on the Desktop
  • Click Create Launcher
  • Change the Type
  • Give it a Name
  • Add the same Command you would use to start the process from a terminal shell, else browse for a place if you want a shortcut to somewhere
  • Add a Comment if you like .. that pops up when you cursor over the Launcher's icon
  • Click OK

Now, if you want the Launcher on your top panel, rather than the Desktop, simply drag it there.


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    Hey thanks for the ubuntu tutorials;) You are the best man. When are you gonna finish of the speeding up grub blog?

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