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Here are some fast access tips, showing how to make time with keystroke shortcut combinations to open quickly anything you need on a regular basis.

Maybe you open and close some application, like Nautilus or the terminal, regularly, or maybe you need to type frequently some special character.

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These two tweaks are handy for:-

  • opening files, folders or applications on the fly
  • personalising keyboard functionality

Here goes ..

Manipulate Default Shortcut Settings

Go here:-

System > Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts

Browse the list and it's all pretty self-explanatory.

I like to add the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T to run a new terminal, f'rinstance, and Ctrl+Alt+T to open Nautilus with my /home/username folder.

Alternatively or as well, you can play with more custom shortcuts using the enhanced graphics manager, CompizConfig Settings Manager. Thing is, I've never done that, so sorry I can't tell you how! Lemme know someone.

Mapping the Windows Key as a Modifier

Get that Windows key doing something useful. After all, it's your hardware, whatever darned logo monopolises it. Read Part 18 – Use Windows Key with Ubuntu 9.10.

Manipulate Keyboard Settings

Go here:-

System >Preferences > Keyboard > Layouts > Layout options

For example, I add the Eurosign by choosing, cleverly enough, Adding Eurosign to certain keys, then choosing E. Then I can print the symbol by typing Alt Gr+E.


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