ubuntu karmic koala

Detailing every aspect over 22 tutorials, this reference helps you to set up, enhance and use the ultimate installation of Ubuntu's superb new operating system.

Stepped out in easy-read copy/paste detail, these how-to guides and tutorials are uniquely ideal for Linux noobs and invariably handy for Linux intermediates.

So make the most of Ubuntu's newly kernelled, beautifully bundled OS, for work and play.

Set Up & Enhance Ubuntu 9.10

In simple copy/paste steps .. from zero to hero.

The closest-to-perfect all-in-1 guide .. all-on-1-site!

Wake up and smell the Ubuntu! Hope it helps. the_guv

Setup Unmanaged VPS (4 Noobs!) ... with vpsBible
Secure WordPress. Properly. ... with wpCop, the platform's dedicated security website
Olly 'the_guv' Connelly's site and 'WordPress 3 Ultimate Security' book.

Oozing cute tips and tweaks, the Karmic Koala Bible gives you:-

  • partition planning
  • the installation process
  • software installation advice
  • best in class software tips
  • easy-to-use terminal commands
  • fine-tuned software repository list
  • pc speed & stability tweaks
  • automounted partition/drives guide
  • Nautilus, keyboard & apps shortcuts
  • detailed security guide
  • VirtualBox guide for other systems

Don't know what something is? No worries, you will. ๐Ÿ™‚

Something missing or just plain wrong? Please let me know.

Here's the deal:-


About the Author:

Olly Connelly (yeah, that's me) blogs at, polices WordPress security at and helps noobs build web servers at, so if you've got sleeping problems you know where to come.


  1. Feyi  December 21, 2010

    Thanks u are really a source of inspiration to up and coming pupil like me.

  2. the_guv  February 1, 2010

    @Mark .. splendid, pleased to help, thank you.

  3. the_guv  February 1, 2010

    @DK .. er, better late than never. Sorry, I hate not answering comments, so 3 months on .. THANK YOU, Sir. (You clearly know the deal!)

  4. Mark  January 29, 2010

    Thanks for your most useful guide. Like DK above I was trying to find out about the correct way to set up partitions and your guide provided me with an easily understandable solution.

  5. the_guv  January 9, 2010

    @carlos .. thank you. (thought that repository error piece would go down well ๐Ÿ˜› )

  6. Carlos Aguayo  December 15, 2009

    Great compilation _guv, I have been using Linux since first Slackware distro ’91 and I have settled on the Ubuntu distro, 9.10 is great, I thought 9.04 was a milestone. Used it for a whole year with no major issues. Still some ironing on a few packages need, I particularly love the Smartd messages on failing drives, before the drive fails. Previous releases didn’t integrate automatically into the install so you had to do it manually. I enjoy your part on repositories, this is always an issue, collecting the correct repositories and the keys along with them.. –thx again

  7. the_guv  December 7, 2009

    @KC Lee .. much appreciated, big taa

  8. KC Lee  December 7, 2009

    Bible’s the word! Great site (found it through Google Alert for Karmic Koala). I’ll definitely reinstall following your instructions although my system is up and running – Karmic Koala rocks! Thanks a lot in advance!

  9. DK  November 22, 2009

    Wow!! Just found your site while looking for info on how to select the type of partition when installing 9.10 over 9.04 (server too busy to allow for upgrade!)… so did .iso/CD… Yours is the FIRST site I’ve found that appeared to be written by someone who had actually seen the screens of the program!!! Damn fine job!! I’m a retired IT guy (XP), and made the switch about 3 mos. ago. LOTS of weird info available, but nothing like yours… clear, concise, reality for a change… thanks much!!! dk

  10. the_guv  November 11, 2009

    hey Riky .. sorry chap, apologies, have been busy benchmarking carrier pidgeons versus UAE telecom services. UAE, damn, there, i said it .. Midnight Express, here I come.

    That, Sir, is mighty kind of you. It is REALLY great to receive such feedback – and I really do want feedback – and I have to say it really encourages me that this little community is beginning to glow. You are a star.

    But! Well, bear with me. I am in two minds about how to approach translation. I’ve been working on a new theme for guvnr .. not a massive change of look, but certain usability improvements, monetizing ideas, improved cross-reference, general user bribes, and have been testing a bunch of translation tools as a part of that .. the thing is, such is my, er, certain style, none of them translate me very well. So I have to question, how best to compromise. I don’t want to sound like some maths teacher, even though i daresay there are those who would prefer I did. Frankly, I’d get bored. Oh God, i’ve just alienated all my maths teacher users ๐Ÿ˜› For the record, teh maths teacher was the coolest at my school (mind you, there was this super sexy siren who taught art, hmmn.)

    .. but I know these guides are wasted, right now, to about most of the planet, and this I am trying to change.

    Let me see how this next guv version goes, complete with translation tools into multi-dozen lingos, which will be out in a couple weeks, and take it from there. I would really appreciate your feedback on whether that works for Spanish, which is one of the top half dozen lingual groups I need to cover. It may be that I will need to rethink, but my train of thought has been to automate as much as possible to help with my other web projects (all will be revealed.)

    Otherwise and meantime, please, link away. .. please please! What I ask is for sites to, say, copy the prose and link to the detail. Hey, you are welcome to email me about this, and we can chat on FB …

  11. Ricardo Lopez  November 7, 2009

    I forgot something, sorry, and also continuing from the above mentioned I can if you like and with your permission and giving you FULL credit, post some of your articles BUT on my blog of course in Spanish. ยฟWhat do you think? or tell me on what way I can help-assist you?? (You can tell that I wanna help hohoho).


  12. Ricardo Lopez  November 7, 2009

    Hola Guv, as ever is a pleasure to read you and congratulate your dedication to the community out there, and hey! I wanna help out so am offering you to be your Translator Manager (its sounds a little too high). what I want to propose is (if you want of course) that some or all of your articles translate them to Spanish or help you translate ’em! this way you can expand your horizon to not only English speaking dudes! but Spanish too. How about it? Hoping you like my idea drop me an email or just ignore Me! hahaha

    Saludos desde Mexico

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