Jaunty Install Problem with AMD Laptops

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FATAL: could not load modules.dep is a message you may have been pulling your hair out over, especially as after that the Ubuntu 9.04 installation fails. It seems to affect AMD Athlon laptops where the disc is being read from an external drive.

Fear not! There is a solution, care of a certain mr_raider at the Ubuntu forums.

Thing is, this is the most surreal tech hack I've heard of, and so even if this doesn't affect you, you may be intrigued to read on.

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Here's the deal. You insert your Jaunty installation disc and up pop these error messages:-

Then the install crash-burns, along with your smile.

So you try again and, what the hell, again. Hopeless.

Solved: modprobe: FATAL Could not load modules.dep

You may not believe this. But it works.

When Ubuntu's splash screen appears – when the installation files are loading up and just before the fail …


.. and the installation carries on without a hitch.

I told you it was surreal.

mr_raider, thank you. After some hours cruising threads, your post made my day.


This issue has been resolved ***, so presumably the Ubuntan developers have taken this into account for the new kernel build. Bless.

*** I say resolved. Hmmn. The install comes off OK, but there are a couple of error messages still in the logs. They do not appear to be affecting my use of Karmic but I will post updates about that to this blog.

Coming up, next post: Karmic Koala Installation Review!


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  1. the_guv  October 23, 2009

    @Arash .. jolly good .. pleased to help .. very odd one that.

  2. Arash  October 19, 2009

    Really thanks you it worked for me and I was using USB memory and I disconnected it for 2 seconds and after that I got no error message

    Thank you very much for sharing information with us

  3. the_guv  October 9, 2009

    LOL, cheers Ray .. how goes bud? nice to see you about.

  4. Ray Whelan  October 8, 2009

    To improve this post…
    hmmmm, let me see….

    stick to building kitchens….
    Burn, Rofl, txtspk, etc
    (Sorry, boredom is a bad thing…)

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