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Here are some simple tips to tweak Nautilus – Ubuntu's file explorer – or at least to introduce some of the options. For some they are pretty obvious but for noobs they are well worth a peek.

This is a personal thing, not necessary at all! Then again, if you're a tweak freak, like me, and like your file management ‘just so', this helps productivity.

Open a folder, under the Places menu, and then:-

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On the Views tab:-

  • elect to View new folders using List View, to see more details
  • check to Show hidden and backup files

On the Behavior tab:-

  • check Single click to open items (why waste 2 clicks when you can use 1?)
  • uncheck Ask before emptying the Trash or deleting files

On the List Columns:-

  • check to add Group, Owner & Permissions

There are other handy options, especially for Media, if that's important to you.

If you want even more from Nautilus, you should check my software guide in Part 21 – Top 9.10 Software Picks by Category. Scroll down to the section on Nautilus for about a dozen cracking enhancements.


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