Setting Up Ubuntu’s Koala – the_guv’s Verdict

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Following on from my Ultimate PC Setup Guide, installing Jaunty, here's a look at the new kid, Karmic Koala. What's new, worse, better? My verdict ..

Karmic Koala's out in a couple of weeks. As promised, I'll be updating the Jaunty install guide for the new edition and, as a prequel to that, I figured I'd jot down a few notes about how the install went with the close-to-alpha, er, beta.

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Verdict: Smooth process overall, slightly improved, very newbie-friendly, but an unfortunate hang on final reboot. Post-install, started and rebooted perfectly.

Koala 9.10's Installation Process, Processed

Basically it's the same deal as with Jaunty. There was no fatal modprobe hiccup with my Athlon system this time tho, so I guess the new kernel (2.6.31-11-generic) refects the frustration shown by a few of us who had trundled around Google over that issue.

Apart from an ever-so-slightly different look of the initial loadup and configuration screens, about the only change is an option to use your password – should you elect one – to be used also to open and decrypt your ~/home directory.

This rollout is clearly PR'ing the usability stakes, and quite right, with a slideshow pitched during the actual install process, essentially enticing Linux initiates to some of the key programmes bundled, ease of use, access to help and the new “Software Store” (ie, the old repositories!)

There was a glitch at the very end of the installation though, maybe connected to some incompatibility with my graphics card, with the system hanging and the screen flicking quite madly. I had to hard power off the system, hold my breath, but upon booting back up I was introduced properly to the new Gnu Grub menu (version 1.97~beta3).

.. Choosing Karma's beta from my multi-boot list, it loaded up the new release, and then restarted on demand, properly. So phew to that, huh?


I'll be playing with this release a bit over the next week or so, will keep you posted if there's anything to report (no news is good news), and will certainly be upgrading the Ultimate PC Setup Guide to reflect the edition.

.. Let's just hope ‘ultimate' remains accurate but, such is the strength of the Ubuntu development community, I suspect it will be.


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