Kill the System Beep

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Here's how to stop that ruddy system beep every time the computer boots up.

As it ‘appens, there are several solutions for Ubuntu users, depending on your setup, so I'll list the lot and one should work for your PC.

First up, navigate the menu:-

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System > Preferences > Sound > uncheck “Play alert sounds”

You can try a reboot now .. but. Disabling the PC speaker, in favor of using external speakers, can be more tricky.

Try by opening:-

.. and appending the lines:-

Reboot your Ubuntu PC.

If that doesn't cut it, open:-

.. and add the lines:-

Reboot the box.

And if that doesn't work, as it didn't for me and you can't be arsed be mess around anymore, try:-

Opening the PC case and ripping out the bloody speaker wires.

(I guarantee the last solution works.) 😛


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