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Often we need to reboot but find it annoying to have to reopen our work.

Here's how to make your Ubuntu PC recall running programmes and load them when you restart the machine into another session.

(This is also about the shortest blog post I've ever written!)

Navigate the menu:-

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System > Preferences > Startup Applications > Options > check Automatically remember running applications when logging out

In future, on reboot or when you start your Ubuntu PC, the system remembers and loads whatever programmes were open the last time.


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  1. the_guv  February 12, 2013

    @Vicky – tx. wubi and Live CDs in general are indeed a superb way to try out new (to you) distros.

    (My eyes are spent … paragraphs are welcome, darling ;))

  2. Vicky  November 22, 2012

    Ubuntu is never this crazy. I’ve installed it a taoushnd times (okay but more than one hundred, closer to 200 maybe)A similar thing happened to me when using Fedora and it never happened again. I used the same disk as well.The problem may be a hardware problem and could be very easy to deal with but if you can’t cope with error statements then you may have a problem with Ubuntu at least. Other distros may work but if you can’t download a linux image (iso file) and burn it to CD this may hold you back. If you do have a good internet connection and can download an iso burner; you are free to try a few distros.Ubuntu burn a new one to see if thr old CD is the problem.Linux Mint is a close copy of UbuntuMandriva easy to install and use with the best freenode IRC channelFedora can install easily /usually/ but not alwaysAnother thing to consider is keeping 20GB for XP so you can play around with getting Linux right and for practical reasons while you are trying a new distro out (btw windows data can be accessed from Linux but not vice versa). I have a 1GB USB drive with backtrack on it using unetbootin to install it: so if you have one you could spare; it would be good for running a live’ version of Ubuntu or Mint when you need to and the USB drive is faster than a live CD.There are other things, too, that you will pick up on as you go along that you can do. Such as setting up your HDD so that you have a home partition so if you lose the operating system (or need to wipe it to fix it) you still have all your data and configuration files. If you want to do this for next time or want to keep 10 or 20 GB for XP let me know and I’ll get you some links.Good Luck (ps google wubi and see what you think)retired programmer

  3. the_guv  February 22, 2010

    @maurice .. we aim to pliz!

  4. maurice  February 19, 2010

    Simply fantastic, true mastery

  5. the_guv  February 18, 2010

    @Petra .. good to hear, top notch, thank you.

  6. Petra  February 17, 2010

    other than laughing, no rolling even at the witty banter I also managed to do a karmic clean install and get everything in top shape without crying even once.

    Thanks for the pleasurable readability

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