2014: Here’s the Deal

We're being manipulated. Nothing new, but these days there's no excuse not to know, to understand, to fight.

The human race is potentially very healthy, our rock and fellow animals in turn, yet our opportunity is being systematically quashed by fascism (whether socialist-leaning or whatever the tag is today), with loaded strategies like ‘obsolescence' making us poor for the benefit of a few, with red herrings like ‘political correctness' splitting us apart, just as they want.

Meanwhile, it turns out, a few dozen (perhaps often splendid) people own half of everything, half of all our collective planetary wealth, controlled by a few, most of whom did nothing to deserve that. Take aside the politics, the anger, and we can see that this situation is not sustainable. Do the math, look at the outcome. Played Monopoly?

… There's no excuse for homelessness, for example, anywhere. We're way bigger than that now. Or so relatively easily could be.

And we grow crap, for the masses, ‘cos we can't all afford organic, we support tyrannical government that spends our money on protecting them, having committed THEIR crimes, THEIR mass slaughter, THEIR terrorism, and having the gaul to accuse us of being the terrorists if we so much as query that. We're on the verge of ‘thought crime', for chrissakes. We're on the verge of a Huxleyan nightmare. Prep up on your Kissinger if you don't believe me.

What we need is a tweak, just a small tweak, and we have the genuine opportunity to harness the brilliance of our collective forebears to share (no, not communism, Open Source!) our tech to make life wonderful, to swap the likes of ‘fair trade' lies for shorter working hours and to spend our time becoming whole. Maybe I've lost you now. I hope not. (Subscribe!)

I know many won't have a single clue what I'm talking about and we've all been there but, for those with just a modicum of knowledge, please expand that and share it because you can be sure our leaders will never do so. Way too risky.

“Give them education? Give 'em a whopping, more like!”

Rethink. Grow up. Refuse to be divided. Sure, it's not easy.

Ta for reading.


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Olly Connelly (yeah, that's me) blogs at guvnr.com, polices WordPress security at wpCop.com and helps noobs build web servers at vpsBible.com, so if you've got sleeping problems you know where to come.

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