Hickory Dickory Dock, the Rats Ran Outa the Fed

We were here in 2008, no? I mean, we didn't know it then, not like we know it now, but we were on the verge of crisis and, having never actually left that crisis, somehow again now we're on the verge of, er, crisis, or would that be Crisis, CRISIS or just Bloody Great Big Fucking CRISIS. Chris-Christie-style-Crisis? (Maybe no crisis there.)

Aaah, yes: Supersize My Crisis!


Or maybe not, sure, cos the Wizard of Biz (so that's the Fud) really is full of it and may as well copy-paste yet another generation's worth of debt. Genius. Then we can have the crisis next year instead.

Yeah, I was gonna say something clearly important. Like that the Dow seems to have realised that the markets are wrong. Oh, and the Nikkei's lost 14% in six weeks, 4% last night.

But hey, there ain't no crisis. Things are clearly improving :). Cheers ObushEUron. You get my vote, you can count on me, even if you can't count from 1 to 5.



* There was a sensible question here. Tell me, cos I'm not an economist (so there's a qualification) but was thinking (for the last 6 years) that maybe just maybe-baby it would have been better to have bailed out the voter? You know, like the Texan said (after his admin basically blew up America, at least accordin' to the NFL press conference and hey that was keen), then they could “go shop … stop that Barney”.

There's the question, and yes it is serious. Should the voter have been bailed out or would the resulting loss of those banks, insurance companies and Tony Blair's banking directorships, that we love so much, have created an even better recovery? (Cos we are in recovery.)

Oh no I'm feeling depressed. Oh no, that's not me it's the economy, stupid (another puppet Prezzie, did you get that? #deregulate-hurrah-vote-for-my-fairytale)

Discuss. Or don't.

#timebomb #ticktock #distractionAnyone?


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  1. Scott Kane  February 5, 2014

    Shhh! Olly – you’re blocking our view of “Survivor”, the latest hollywood star crises – and the Super Bowl.


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