MSM: “Fears grow over Western strike on Syria amid calls for legal justification”

This post is brought to you by Olly Connelly who likes cute bulldogs and who sometimes feels like this one.

!War with Syria! Uncooperative Russians. Unimpassioned electorate.

We’ve been here before. Again.

Why not fast-forward the otherwise predictable politicycle (nice word, huh):-

1. Another illegal war. Bugger.
2. Murdoch Man: “15 minutes from Armawhatnot”
3. Colon Powers: “You can trust me, I sound really sad about this.”
4. Sexed-up dossier.
5. Kill dissenters.
6. Bomb kids. Make money. Create chaos. Foster hate.
7. Fudge an “Enquiry”.
8. Wonder if Chilcott's still alive.
9. Further subvert liberty.
10. Contd p94 …

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