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Community Chest: The Sunny Side of the E-lance Coin

"thanks guvnr" thank you note

You're a freelance content pro and you know how it is: you're poor and running on fumes!

It's no easy deal quitting the corporates to take the e-lance route, swapping the fast lane for the slow lane that is online blogjam.

I guess frustration is the keyword as you try to zip thru' the traffic just to dead-end with ...

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VPS Bible: Do I Really Have to Charge? logo has been live for nearly a week.

It provides a niche home for the subject Setup Unmanaged VPS 4 Linux Noobs and I built it somehow to monetize the time it takes to produce these tutorials, while also giving Guvnr back its remit ...

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Copy Writers, Bloggers & WebDevs – Forget target=”_blank”!

jQuery logo

If you regularly anchor links to external web pages, sites & blogs, chances are you don't always remember to use the target=”_blank” attribute. Even if you do, here's a cute shortcut to cut keystrokes.

I love jQuery. It's the absolute billy's walnuts! Here's another reason why.

When we think of jQuery, or Ajax, we tend to think of snazzy designer effects and usable content distribution, but it's just ...

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Link up: Good Yet Simple Back-Link Strategies


Problem: You blog to death, promote like mad, but still aren't receiving back-links.

Solution (or some of it): Read this, from Paul at WebDistortion.

It's not very often I write a post about someone else's content. Indeed, this is the first time – Friday Fun links aside – although I want to change that a bit and spread the love. ...

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Guv Goes West (& He’s Running)

Welcome to the UAE!

Thank God, Allah, the moon & stars and whoever else you like, but I'm leaving this nightmare web connection in the UAE and coming back to the world of internet connectivity, TODAY.

I am soooooooooooo happy about that.

Living here, work-wise, has been like going back 15-20 years, to the days when BT was the UK's monopolising telephone company and ‘us ...

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One Man And His Web

censored website, UAE-style

So I've relocated for a few months, to an Arab country that shall not be named. My website, on the other hand, still lives in Newark, New Jersey, before traveling about. And I have a dilemma.

On arriving here, I checked my site and was greeted with the fact it is unavailable. Banned, sensored, deemed inappropriate.



Hack WordPress, Edit More Default Comments & Save Time

wordpress comments edit box

This tutorial explains how to increase the default number of comments shown on the WordPress Admin Comments Editor page, by editing edit-comments.php.

Dunno about you, but life's too short to be clicking thru' all those view/edit comments pages, with only 20 listed by default per page. Let's sort that.

Problem: ...

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The Fine Art of WP Upgrades. Wait up!

wordpress upgrade page logo

You click on the shiny upgrade button on your WP Dashboard, but then something is broken – a plugin, a function, whatnot. Easy tiger, not so fast ..

A typical scenario:-

  • The blogger: Keen, easily tempted, likes security, bug fixes, insurance.
  • The problem: Bugs, broken plugins & functions, wasted time.
  • The solution: Downgrade ...
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Guvnr Gets Steroids – Pursuing The Holy Grail of Less HTTP Requests

a website image sprite for faster loading pages

An often overlooked blog or web site improvement is reducing HTTP requests. Good for page load, improved usability, SEO and ultimately for traffic.

Normally I wouldn't bother writing a post about a site update but, begorrah, I'm so chuffed with Guvnr's new mechanics that ...

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Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 15: WordPress Setup & Updates from the Command Line

wordpress installed using subversion image

This how-to guide uses Subversion to download & install standalone WordPress blogs & their plugins, quickly and easily from your Linux command line interface, with simple updates thereafter. It also details the WordPress MySQL database setup process.

OK, I admit, I am biased towards WordPress! And this guide is a perfect fit for those wanting to launch their WP ...

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