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VPS Bible: Do I Really Have to Charge? logo has been live for nearly a week.

It provides a niche home for the subject Setup Unmanaged VPS 4 Linux Noobs and I built it somehow to monetize the time it takes to produce these tutorials, while also giving Guvnr back its remit ...

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Link up: Good Yet Simple Back-Link Strategies


Problem: You blog to death, promote like mad, but still aren't receiving back-links.

Solution (or some of it): Read this, from Paul at WebDistortion.

It's not very often I write a post about someone else's content. Indeed, this is the first time – Friday Fun links aside – although I want to change that a bit and spread the love. ...

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GUV NEWS: Guvnr & MakeUseOf Karmic Tie Up

Karmic Bible really Digged

PRESS RELEASE: teams up with to promote the ultimate Ubuntu 9.10 installation guide.

Been a busy week or so with the release of the Karmic Koala Bible as a pdf with the boys at *. ...

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Update for May ’07, With April Posts Recap

guvnr blog screenshot

Subscribers, readers, commenters, big cheers for putting up with me.

Thought I'd drop in a few lines about some of the plans I've got for the blog during May ..

.. especially for those of you who were wondering if ever I'd finish this VPS Bible series – Set Up an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) .. ...

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Friday Fun: 2012 & timeline_39

timeline_39 on the forums image

Heard of 2012? Google it. Even better. YouTube it.

OK, so we're heading for impending disaster? Dunno. But I'll tell you what, some of the vids and threads are darned entertaining. Bit like taking a roller-coaster ride. Why do we like scaring ourselves? Dunno that either.

And then some of the stuff out there just gets, like, totally AWOL. ...

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Guvnr Gets WordPressed (hey, I’m on your Dashboard!)

Guvnr, on your Dashboard

Like I said, I've had problems aplenty with my hosting provider Lunarpages * this last week – or was that two – who apparently aren't set up for traffic spikes and then lose databases.

I've taken steps to ensure this doesn't happen again and will blog about that.

* EDIT: Fact is, I binned those LooneyTunes, months ago now, after their “support” department managed to lose ...

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4 Feb 09 Blog Summary. What Did You Miss? And Coming Up In March…

guvnr blog screenshot

A big thanks to you folks for supporting this blog. I hope it's handy. Whether ‘yay' or ‘nay', let me know, and especially tell me the kind of subjects you'd like to see covered.

If any posts have been particularly useful, please leave a comment to say so and, hey, you can grab a feed for RSS or email ...

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15 Ways to Protest About Facebook’s Content Scraping Strategy

Facebook copyright protest image

So, what's the problem? Facebook's already about-faced, yeah? Your content is safe, huh? ‘Cos the debate about your content in Facebook's hands has been all over the blogoswhatnot, featured on webzines and buried down CNN's running order. It's Digged to death, done ‘n dusted?


If you saw any Facebook exec interviewed about this, the nuance is more about, “er, we'll have to educate our ...

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Facebook – Cool, huh! (Except They Want To Steal Your Content?)

facebook logo

If you use Facebook. And value your content and identity. You need to read this.

A few weeks ago I wrote a series of posts about online anonymity and safe surfing. There was a section about social networks. Apparently it wasn't big enough.

Facebook has gone a ...

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1 Jan 09 Blog Summary. What did you think? And forward to February… But what do you want?

guvnr blog screenshot

First up, and with this blog being so new, thank you for reading, and a big thank you to my feed subscribers. Hey, I appreciate your support … I'll wear it always. 🙂 launched in November and, blog-wise, began to get in the swing of things in the last few weeks. In other words, it ...

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