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Guvnr: relaunching my pyjama blog!

This post is brought to you by Olly Connelly who likes cute bulldogs and who sometimes feels like this one.

Hey people, awol guv here! Back, kicking, blogging.

It's been a funny old few years. What's left of my community here at Guvnr may well have thought I'd kicked the dust. From time ...

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Community Chest: The Sunny Side of the E-lance Coin

"thanks guvnr" thank you note

You're a freelance content pro and you know how it is: you're poor and running on fumes!

It's no easy deal quitting the corporates to take the e-lance route, swapping the fast lane for the slow lane that is online blogjam.

I guess frustration is the keyword as you try to zip thru' the traffic just to dead-end with ...

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VPS Bible: Do I Really Have to Charge? logo has been live for nearly a week.

It provides a niche home for the subject Setup Unmanaged VPS 4 Linux Noobs and I built it somehow to monetize the time it takes to produce these tutorials, while also giving Guvnr back its remit ...

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30 – b. 9th Feb 2010, Fair Weight. logo

At last that damn site's gone live. Just in time for me to go to bed and catch up some sleep.

Yeah right. Not quite.

But it's there now, and I'll be using it as an example, here on Guv, as to how probably not to build a community membership site thing.

Best give it some ranking juice then!:-

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0 – What, Why & Other Q&A’s logo

Those of you who've been following this blog will know I've taken steps to port the VPS Bible series to a new home of its own. In fact, that happens this week.

By way of an introduction to the new site, the whys and therefores, I figured it'd be nice to ...

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VPS Bible Updated with New Nginx/WordPress Versions


The VPS Bible has been updated – and fully tested – to reflect the latest stable releases for Nginx (0.7.64) and WordPress (2.9.1). Dependency packages remain the same.

The test, meanwhile, which followed the entire VPS Bible process, went without a hitch. Hurrah-de-huh ..

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0 & – Focussing on 2010

using ssh and bashrc for easy login

Sure, there has been a pause. A month, no less, and how weird is this: I feel like the kid at school who sidles into the classroom, totally late, hair strewn and face sheepish, having missed Assembly and, oh no, they already started that ruddy Math test. Which I'd also forgotten. Bugger!

Oh well. Being a confident sort of an idiot, let's ...

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Guv Goes West (& He’s Running)

Welcome to the UAE!

Thank God, Allah, the moon & stars and whoever else you like, but I'm leaving this nightmare web connection in the UAE and coming back to the world of internet connectivity, TODAY.

I am soooooooooooo happy about that.

Living here, work-wise, has been like going back 15-20 years, to the days when BT was the UK's monopolising telephone company and ‘us ...

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GUV NEWS: Guvnr & MakeUseOf Karmic Tie Up

Karmic Bible really Digged

PRESS RELEASE: teams up with to promote the ultimate Ubuntu 9.10 installation guide.

Been a busy week or so with the release of the Karmic Koala Bible as a pdf with the boys at *. ...

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One Man And His Web

censored website, UAE-style

So I've relocated for a few months, to an Arab country that shall not be named. My website, on the other hand, still lives in Newark, New Jersey, before traveling about. And I have a dilemma.

On arriving here, I checked my site and was greeted with the fact it is unavailable. Banned, sensored, deemed inappropriate.


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