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A Splendid Surprise Out of the Blue

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Blogging, at least in the early days, can be a lonely thing (sobs). You may know the deal .. you shove out loads of posts that only Mum reads, tap your fingertips raw until Google realises you are one of those (relatively) rare breeds that actually writes original, half-decent content. Fact is, it takes a while to build ...

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VPS Bible Reflects New Nginx/WordPress Versions, with Future Commitment

Nginx logo image

The VPS Bible has been updated to reflect the latest stable Nginx release – 0.7.62 – the effect that this has on the overall setup and, while we're about it, the latest stable WordPress release too.

You may have noted this on the relevent Bible post comment sections but I figured it was important enough to post up as well, particularly for those of you wondering how to upgrade ...

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Holiday’s Over, Now Coming Up

back to the web

OK, so I'm aware most of my subscribers are Statesiders, and I know you folks don't really do the whole holiday thing 😛 Being one of those antique Europeans, on the other hand, I'm a lazy sod and, being Spanish, my wife is even worse, so we kind of take a few weeks out.

This year, I'd planned to ...

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a pint of beer

When I started this series I figured I'd cover it in maybe 7 or 8 posts.

I had more hair in those days, and you were younger too.

Apart from underestimating the subject, fact is, with the intended audience for the Bible being Linux and/or VPS newbies, I'd kind of pinned my hopes on uncovering some way to use a control ...

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VPS Bible – VIDEO Tutorials Added

vpsbible video tutorials

The video how-to guides accompany the 20-part copy/paste series, adding a visual reference to help you set up your virtual private server.

the_guv is pretty chuffed to announce the release of a bunch of video guides to accompany the series, Set Up an Unmanaged VPS ...

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We Apologise for the Slight Pause in Transmission

video editing image

Hey folks, guv here!

Been a bit busy last few days, catching up with the video to date for the VPS Bible series.

…so that's why blog posting's a bit delayed.

… Just thought I'd let you know I hadn't fallen over.

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Update for May ’07, With April Posts Recap

guvnr blog screenshot

Subscribers, readers, commenters, big cheers for putting up with me.

Thought I'd drop in a few lines about some of the plans I've got for the blog during May ..

.. especially for those of you who were wondering if ever I'd finish this VPS Bible series – Set Up an Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) .. ...

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Guvnr Gets WordPressed (hey, I’m on your Dashboard!)

Guvnr, on your Dashboard

Like I said, I've had problems aplenty with my hosting provider Lunarpages * this last week – or was that two – who apparently aren't set up for traffic spikes and then lose databases.

I've taken steps to ensure this doesn't happen again and will blog about that.

* EDIT: Fact is, I binned those LooneyTunes, months ago now, after their “support” department managed to lose ...

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HOSTING PROBLEM – Notice to My Splendid Subscribers & Rock-on Readers…

guvnr blog screenshot

Hey folks, Guv here!

Just a quick note to say I've had some pig-ear problems with my hosting provider this last week, and am taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again. I'll be writing some more about this, soon as.

Meantime, I know there have been a lot of people finding my site down this last few days, and apologies. Service will resume, blog posts and all, ...

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Happy New Year, Snappy New Site & a Ton of New Content screenshot

OK, so we're all turkey'ed out and glad to be back at work. Sure, I was really thinking that last week on the ski slope. And I guess this is one of those years we face with a certain degree of trepidation.

Hey, you never know. Maybe Microsoft will go out of business, Internet Explorer finally gets binned and we're all laughing after all.

Maybe not.

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