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The Lucid Lynx Installation Process

Ubuntu's lucid lynx 10.04 LTS logo

This tutorial steps out how to setup Ubuntu 10.04, whether on a single or multiple partitions, separating data from the OS or for a dual-boot system.

The setup is straightforward with the exception of the Partitioning Manager which, for noobs, can confuse. This guide helps manage the install with particular attention to the partitioning.

Read all of this section ...

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Future-Proofed Partitioning: Best Advice 4 Lucid

Ubuntu's lucid lynx 10.04 LTS logo

Build a healthy PC with separate partitions for your data and system files as well as for other operating systems. Here's how.

Pre-OS-install, mapping out data/system demands for optimal disk segmentation saves headaches down the road.

.. You don't have to, but it is a mighty good idea to put pen to paper, ring-fencing the departmental demands you will ...

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Edition Basics: Here’s the Difference

Ubuntu's lucid lynx 10.04 LTS logo

What's the difference between Ubuntu's Desktop & Server editions, whether for Lucid Lynx 10.04 or otherwise?

Essentially, the kernel. Server's is configured for the demands of a web server, Desktop's for those of an office production & multimedia environment.

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Lucid Lynx Review: Sweet! Get Ready for LTS


Having had a play, here are some initial thoughts about Ubuntu's latest Linux distro, Lucid Lynx, an important Long Term Support edition.

First, the key pros and cons …

  • Pros: Wireless works out of the box
  • Cons: Installer hangs *
  • Verdict: Impressive, promising

* right at the end, contained problem, see below.

I tested the release candidate beta a few days ago on an HP Pavillion DV2 laptop. ...

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3 – b. 9th Feb 2010, Fair Weight. logo

At last that damn site's gone live. Just in time for me to go to bed and catch up some sleep.

Yeah right. Not quite.

But it's there now, and I'll be using it as an example, here on Guv, as to how probably not to build a community membership site thing.

Best give it some ranking juice then!:-

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Set Up Previous VirtualBox Machines in Minutes

VirtualBox logo

Problem: After a fresh install of VirtualBox, perhaps in a new Linux installation, how can you seamlessly restore previous virtual operating systems, working as before?

Here's how ..

This works for VirtualBox installed in Linux (Debian such as Ubuntu) and should work equally well for other systems such as Windows because the principle is the same. I have only tried for Ubuntu so, if you use VirtualBox as a programme ...

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Manage Ubuntu’s System Power State

changing power settings using gconf editor image

The problem: On battery power, a warning message pops up telling you your battery is critically low. Even if you have time to plug in the mains, that's ignored and the PC shuts down.

The problem: On battery power, a warning message pops up telling you your battery is critically low. Even if you have time to plug in the mains, that's ...

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ubuntu karmic koala

Detailing every aspect over 22 tutorials, this reference helps you to set up, enhance and use the ultimate installation of Ubuntu's superb new operating system.

Stepped out in easy-read copy/paste detail, these how-to guides and tutorials are uniquely ideal for Linux noobs and invariably handy for Linux intermediates.

So make the most of Ubuntu's newly kernelled, beautifully bundled OS, for work and ...

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Add Windows & Other Systems with VirtualBox

ubuntu karmic koala

Here is how to use VirtualBox to install & emulate virtual operating systems to run in Linux. Launch Windows, for example, rather like any other application, with no reboot requirement. Hey, Windows even loads faster than the real thing (not that that's hard.) Or compare alternative operating systems. You can add as many as you like.

Dual or ...

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Superb Software for Work & Play

ubuntu karmic koala

This package resource list has the best Karmic-compliant software, by category, for work or play. Fonts, multimedia codecs, system tools, you name it.

With our repositories nicely set up, we're set to install some creamy warez.

This works pretty much as before, with Jaunty. The only change I've found is that, for those packages not from repositories but downloaded from the software ...

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