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Writing for Packt: modern day slavery (even cotton pickers had bed and board) …

So now my ‘publisher' is selling my book, name and experience and, near as damn it, a year's work … yet is PAYING ME ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in royalties

… and despite Douglas Paterson, their ‘Publisher (Open Source)', having admitted that their pre-launch editorial and post-launch marketing “made mistakes at every conceivable turn” (and also despite Packt's Technical Ed having said I was one of the best writers he'd ever worked with).

Can you believe this dialogue, for example:-

I ...

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An Open Letter to Packt Publishing


An open letter to Louay Fatoohi (Founder) and Douglas Paterson (Publisher, OpenSource) at Packt Publishing.

Dear Louay and Douglas,

Having not heard from Louay regarding the negotiations I had with Douglas, in over eight months, I have launched the agreed website, I am happy to provide Packt with whatever site revenue, Louay, that ...

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