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PayPal Support? You Must be Joking

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The sham that is PayPal does not fail to disappoint.

First they open a “case” for no apparent reason, having received no complaint and as I explained in PayPal: Can I Trust You With My Business?

Then they steal money from my account. Steal? Strong word huh .. it's in the dictionary. (Sue me!)

17 emails to their “support” department later, they haven't answered ...

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PayPal: Can I Trust You With My Business?

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PayPal brands itself as The faster and safer way to get paid. Really? I've used the service over many years and generally everything seems to work.

Sometimes, though, their poor controls and irresponsibility takes over and completely screws your time and business.

Here's one such occasion. It is not the first such example, nor the worst case I have had (by far) ...

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Paypal Tip .. Get the Bloomin’ Email Address Right!!!


So you secured the client, you're doing the work, everything's hunkydory and besides, it's a Friday. What could go wrong? Er, you got the client to pay a stranger …

(What happened to the Friday Fun spot, huh? Good Q. Was wonderin' the same thing myself. Maybe this can kick-start an institution.)

Problem: Gave client somone else's Paypal address. Poverty. Stupidity.

Solution: Don't ...

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