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Set Up Previous VirtualBox Machines in Minutes

VirtualBox logo

Problem: After a fresh install of VirtualBox, perhaps in a new Linux installation, how can you seamlessly restore previous virtual operating systems, working as before?

Here's how ..

This works for VirtualBox installed in Linux (Debian such as Ubuntu) and should work equally well for other systems such as Windows because the principle is the same. I have only tried for Ubuntu so, if you use VirtualBox as a programme ...

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Manage Ubuntu’s System Power State

changing power settings using gconf editor image

The problem: On battery power, a warning message pops up telling you your battery is critically low. Even if you have time to plug in the mains, that's ignored and the PC shuts down.

The problem: On battery power, a warning message pops up telling you your battery is critically low. Even if you have time to plug in the mains, that's ...

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Kill the System Beep

ubuntu karmic koala

Here's how to stop that ruddy system beep every time the computer boots up.

As it ‘appens, there are several solutions for Ubuntu users, depending on your setup, so I'll list the lot and one should work for your PC.

First up, navigate the menu:-

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Shield Your Linux Box: iptables & Much Much More

ubuntu karmic koala

Here's the ideal start to find out about the options available to safeguard your Ubuntu PC & data, using antivirus & firewall softwares, plus iptables.

This section of the Karmic Koala Bible weighs the basic firewall & anti-virus options for sole Linux PCs & network ...

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RAM up Your SWAP for Improved Stability

stick of ram

Clearly, the order of the day is to RAM your machine up to the hilt, but enhancing the use of the swap file can also be a benefit. Here's how, using Swappiness.

Why? Because ..

Computing can be very RAM-intensive. Say, you are running a graphics editor, a web browser or two, office apps and, who knows, maybe even a video editor.

Then there's ...

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Swap Vista Default Using Vistalizator

Windows Vista package

Need to change the factory-installed language setting? Can't? YOU CAN NOW! .. using Vistalizator and any language packs you prefer.

So you bought a new PC somewhere where the native language isn't English, maybe in Spain like me.

.. and when you kick the thing up, the interface is foreign.

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“Microsoft Swindles” – Fighting the Cartel Caper Con Scam, Tsssk!

pissing off Microsoft

So I bought a new machine last week and, gparted, have been busily treating it to Ubuntu.

It's cooler now. Literally.

And I figured, I'm fed up of being forced to pay for an excuse of an operating system that I don't want.

Damn, I wanted to buy a computer, not all the crap bundled on it:-

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Jaunty Install Problem with AMD Laptops

ubuntu penguin logo

FATAL: could not load modules.dep is a message you may have been pulling your hair out over, especially as after that the Ubuntu 9.04 installation fails. It seems to affect AMD Athlon laptops where the disc is being read from an external drive.

Fear not! There is a solution, care of a certain mr_raider at the Ubuntu forums.

Thing ...

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Virtually the Best Web Dev PC on the Planet

ubuntu penguin logo

This all-in-one reference guide steps out how to set up Linux Ubuntu Jaunty with all the trimmings for a fun box and a second-to-none web development system.

Er, hold on guv …

Isn't this guide a bit dated?


Unless you are still using Jaunty, this post is outdated because Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 has superceded Jaunty 9.04, as have versions 10.04 ...

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Build a Sex-On-Legs WebDev Machine screenshot

Install the ultimate web development toolbox: tweaked Linux Ubuntu with Windows via VirtualBox, Nginx, PHP, MySQL, best Firefox addons, Woopra & much more.

Here's the deal ..

My 2 month old HP Pavillion DV3500 decided to pack up the other day.

Looks like the motherboard, ‘cos I tried another ...

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