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Lucid Lynx Review: Sweet! Get Ready for LTS


Having had a play, here are some initial thoughts about Ubuntu's latest Linux distro, Lucid Lynx, an important Long Term Support edition.

First, the key pros and cons …

  • Pros: Wireless works out of the box
  • Cons: Installer hangs *
  • Verdict: Impressive, promising

* right at the end, contained problem, see below.

I tested the release candidate beta a few days ago on an HP Pavillion DV2 laptop. ...

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3 & – Focussing on 2010

using ssh and bashrc for easy login

Sure, there has been a pause. A month, no less, and how weird is this: I feel like the kid at school who sidles into the classroom, totally late, hair strewn and face sheepish, having missed Assembly and, oh no, they already started that ruddy Math test. Which I'd also forgotten. Bugger!

Oh well. Being a confident sort of an idiot, let's ...

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“Microsoft Swindles” – Fighting the Cartel Caper Con Scam, Tsssk!

pissing off Microsoft

So I bought a new machine last week and, gparted, have been busily treating it to Ubuntu.

It's cooler now. Literally.

And I figured, I'm fed up of being forced to pay for an excuse of an operating system that I don't want.

Damn, I wanted to buy a computer, not all the crap bundled on it:-

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Setting Up Ubuntu’s Koala – the_guv’s Verdict

ubuntu karmic koala

Following on from my Ultimate PC Setup Guide, installing Jaunty, here's a look at the new kid, Karmic Koala. What's new, worse, better? My verdict ..

Karmic Koala's out in a couple of weeks. As promised, I'll be updating the Jaunty install guide for the new edition and, as a prequel ...

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Is Woopra Gambling Dangerously on the Cool Factor?

woopra logo

Desktop live web statistics service Woopra is gambling – dangerously, inevitably or both – with it's ratecard rollout, selling the cool factor to the ‘Web 2.0' crowd.

Maybe you heard, Woopra has announced an end to its 2-year beta programme, signalling costs for established web sites. The tracking service remains free for startup sites and ...

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Cheap Host Review … 6 Months on, Here’s the Verdict

guvnr blog screenshot

When I researched cheap-as-chips ISPs, 6 months ago, I got fed up with all the false friend posts, blog posts that sell you on whatever ISP – Lunarpages, IX, HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, MonsterHost, HostThis, ThatHost – basically telling you they're all great and just “Sign Up Here”. Damn annoying! Here's some reality.

As a Lunarpages reseller * I ...

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Review: Obama’s Inauguration Online & the Web 2.0 Generation, a Partisan Party

Obama inauguraton, Tweeted

If you were in any doubt about which demographic tipped the win for Obama, the online coverage of his big day held a pretty hefty clue.

For anyone who was in front of their PC, surfing the news, it was apparently hard to tear away from the live video coverage, complete with scrolling user comments, of the inauguration day celebrations for the new American president.

UPDATE Feb 2013

Looking ...

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