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Link up: Good Yet Simple Back-Link Strategies


Problem: You blog to death, promote like mad, but still aren't receiving back-links.

Solution (or some of it): Read this, from Paul at WebDistortion.

It's not very often I write a post about someone else's content. Indeed, this is the first time – Friday Fun links aside – although I want to change that a bit and spread the love. ...

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GA’s ‘Site Overlay’ Creating Opaque Unlinkable Site

google analytics settings image

The issue: Your website doesn't load properly after opting for a Click Pattern ‘Site Overlay' on your Google Analytics Dashboard, instead rendering opaque.

Links don't work, you can't see a way to disable the overlay and you may worry that your site visitors are leaving in their droves 😕

On the last point, fear not, it's entirely local, to the point the ...

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