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Get the Damn Windows Key Working

ubuntu karmic koala

So you've got Linux Ubuntu and wonder how to have that Windows key do something useful, or just do anything. Here's how to set it up.

Let's make that Windows key do something useful, (other than just openly advertising the fact that Microsoft operates a cartel and we're all pretty much obliged to bow to that.)

Open this file, else it'll ...

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Improve Your PC with Driver Updates

ubuntu karmic koala

Here's how to ensure your Ubuntu-driven PC is up-to-date with the latest hardware drivers.

The hardware drivers required varies, of course, from machine to machine. Ubuntu generally works out what driver choices you'll want to know about, to consider installing.

To take a look at what's available for your PC, in the menu:-

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Faster Boot with System Efficiency

ubuntu karmic koala

For speed freaks out there, let's look at how we may tune the PC to load only those system services that we need, disabling unnecessary ones. Not only does this give a faster boot time but can also shore up potential security risks.

When you install Windows, unless you've got ...

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Adding Old /home Docs to a New System

ubuntu karmic koala

This is pretty obvious for many, but just to be clear for noobs, or those migrating from a previous Ubuntu system to a new one for the first time.

If you're migrating from a previous Ubuntu OS such as Jaunty Jackalope, you'll have backed up various files and folders, especially from your old /home/username directory.

Just pull them into the ...

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Stop Having to Mount Partitions Manually

ubuntu karmic koala

Here's how to stop password requests every time you need to mount media. Automate access of any media: partitions, internal/external drives, etc.

One problem with having separate partitions or hard drives – for example for your backup, music collection or website development – is that, every time you boot up, you have to mount those when required, providing a password.

The time-saving ...

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Restart Previous Apps on Reboot

ubuntu karmic koala

Often we need to reboot but find it annoying to have to reopen our work.

Here's how to make your Ubuntu PC recall running programmes and load them when you restart the machine into another session.

(This is also about the shortest blog post I've ever written!)

Navigate the menu:-

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Useful Copy/Paste Repos List

ubuntu karmic koala

Repositories store Ubuntu software packages & libraries online. Here's a guide to them, to using access keys, and my own repository list for you to copy & paste.

When you need some package – maybe a library, an application, whatever – just type in the name, it downloads and installs, together with whatever dependent files are required. Hey, it'll even ...

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RAM up Your SWAP for Improved Stability

stick of ram

Clearly, the order of the day is to RAM your machine up to the hilt, but enhancing the use of the swap file can also be a benefit. Here's how, using Swappiness.

Why? Because ..

Computing can be very RAM-intensive. Say, you are running a graphics editor, a web browser or two, office apps and, who knows, maybe even a video editor.

Then there's ...

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“Microsoft Swindles” – Fighting the Cartel Caper Con Scam, Tsssk!

pissing off Microsoft

So I bought a new machine last week and, gparted, have been busily treating it to Ubuntu.

It's cooler now. Literally.

And I figured, I'm fed up of being forced to pay for an excuse of an operating system that I don't want.

Damn, I wanted to buy a computer, not all the crap bundled on it:-

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Setting Up Ubuntu’s Koala – the_guv’s Verdict

ubuntu karmic koala

Following on from my Ultimate PC Setup Guide, installing Jaunty, here's a look at the new kid, Karmic Koala. What's new, worse, better? My verdict ..

Karmic Koala's out in a couple of weeks. As promised, I'll be updating the Jaunty install guide for the new edition and, as a prequel ...

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