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Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 2: Set Up a VPS Linux Distribution

choosing a linux distribution image

Once you've decided to go for an unmanaged virtual private server, you'll set up an account and launch a Linux distribution. In this tutorial – Part 2: Set Up a VPS Linux Distribution – I'll walk you through those basic steps, advising on the Linux systems available, configuring some options and illustrating a typical unmanaged VPS control panel.

It takes 5 minutes, from sign up to ...

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Video How-To: Save Money with Promo Codes – Nice & Easy

website promo code submission form

Buying online? Wanna save a few bucks? Got 5 mins?

This video shows you how, using promotion coupon codes, nice ‘n easy.

It's not exactly a science, but online shoppers after a bargain often fall short when it comes to how to find promo codes that actually work.

A wee tweak to your search criteria, and you're fit to go.


Video How-to: Install WordPress – Nice ‘n Simple

WordPress vintage "Hello World" post

So you wanna blog, huh? You’ve looked at the options and like WordPress. Maybe you like the scalability and personalisation that WordPress offers, but are put off by the installation process?

Don't be.

In this video I'll show you, video too, how to install WordPress, nice ‘n simple – including that bit about connecting it to a database. (Ouch! No, ...

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Video How-to: 10 Tips To Make WordPress Hack-Proof

secure wordpress image

UPDATE: Sept 2013

This post has turned into a site, possibly the most complete WordPress security site ever produced.

Featuring hundreds of tutorials & forums, check it out: wpCop: Secure WordPress. Properly.


Securing WordPress isn't this easy!

Yeah, sorry to break it to you but, having spent the last couple of years immersed ...

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Video How-to: Backup & Restore a Database with phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin logo image

How often do you backup your mySQL database? Does the idea fill you with horror? Or do you think the “full backup” option at your ISP covers the database too?

If the answers are “not often enough, pretty much, and not so sure” then here's some help.

Watch this video to see just how fast ‘n easy it is to backup & ...

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WordPress Upgrade Error Solved – Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction()

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction() image

If you've tried upgrading a recent version of WordPress and received this error…

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare pclziputilpathreduction()

…here's what you do.

In a nutshell, deactivate the plugin “WordPress Automatic Upgrade”, then try again and WordPress should upgrade without a hitch.

Here's the explanatory video I posted on YouTube about this error, and how to fix it.

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Video How-to: Install & Configure a WordPress Plugin

How to Install a WordPress Plugin image

One of the great things about the WordPress blog platform is how adaptable it is. Need some special functionality? There's bound to be a plugin – an extension – that will help.

This tutorial, complete with video, shows you how to install a WordPress plugin and, from there, how ...

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How to Surf Anonymously & Hide Your PC: Part 5 – Video How to: Set Up a Proxy

proxy server IP address list image

If you want to be anonymous in real life, buy a big coat. Online, and for your PC, it's more complex. Why do it? To shore up your identity, safeguard data, secure eCommerce and give peace of mind.

Better Anonymity with

UPDATE: Feb 2013

This guide is old. The theory is good but the ...

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Video How-to: Add a Favicon

guvnr's favicon screenshot

If I had a Big Mac for every favicon tutorial out there, I'd be dead. But hey, I needed a favicon, and I figured a video illustrating the process may come in handy for some folks, so here goes.

What is a favicon, and what's it for? I explain that here and in the video, as well as showing how you can make one using Photoshop, else ...

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Video How-to: Subscribe to Content Feeds

RSS icons screenshot

The best thing about the web is its role as an information resource. But all that info gets daunting and that's where subscribing to RSS feeds comes in. This article helps get you started with feeds to improve your web experience.

The video is a quick start into grabbing feeds. These accompanying notes cover 3 things:-

  • What are content feeds?
  • Why might I ...
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