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In Case You Weren’t Sure Where They Live

nginx error logs image

Let's take a quick look at our Nginx server and site error & access logs, and where to find them.

You have one pair of Nginx logs server-wide and another for each site, unless you omitted them. The error logs do just that, log any errors. The access logs show what web elements have been resolved by ...

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Hide Your Data & Identity with SOCKS

server rack

Take maximum benefit from your VPS or dedicated server, setting it up to double up as your personal online privacy & web access tool, in seconds!

Use your virtual private or dedicated server to protect data, accessing sites like Facebook or Twitter, else FTP, POP read more →


A Splendid Surprise Out of the Blue

uncorrupted hosting logo

Blogging, at least in the early days, can be a lonely thing (sobs). You may know the deal .. you shove out loads of posts that only Mum reads, tap your fingertips raw until Google realises you are one of those (relatively) rare breeds that actually writes original, half-decent content. Fact is, it takes a while to build ...

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Maintain Unmanaged VPS – Part 3: Setup openSSH for Linux-to-Linux

command line login image

This guide steps out how to set up openSSH, complete with an authenticating key pair, so that you can access your Linux host securely from your Linux PC at home or at the office.

Using this method:-

  • encrypted data/password transfer
  • password-free login (I type ‘guv'!)
  • tighter server security ***

*** for this, edit your ...

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Is Woopra Gambling Dangerously on the Cool Factor?

woopra logo

Desktop live web statistics service Woopra is gambling – dangerously, inevitably or both – with it's ratecard rollout, selling the cool factor to the ‘Web 2.0' crowd.

Maybe you heard, Woopra has announced an end to its 2-year beta programme, signalling costs for established web sites. The tracking service remains free for startup sites and ...

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VPS Bible Reflects New Nginx/WordPress Versions, with Future Commitment

Nginx logo image

The VPS Bible has been updated to reflect the latest stable Nginx release – 0.7.62 – the effect that this has on the overall setup and, while we're about it, the latest stable WordPress release too.

You may have noted this on the relevent Bible post comment sections but I figured it was important enough to post up as well, particularly for those of you wondering how to upgrade ...

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Virtually the Best Web Dev PC on the Planet

ubuntu penguin logo

This all-in-one reference guide steps out how to set up Linux Ubuntu Jaunty with all the trimmings for a fun box and a second-to-none web development system.

Er, hold on guv …

Isn't this guide a bit dated?


Unless you are still using Jaunty, this post is outdated because Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10 has superceded Jaunty 9.04, as have versions 10.04 ...

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Set Up Unmanaged VPS (4 Newbies) – Part 14: Point a Site or Blog at Another

rewriting urls with nginx

This how-to guide shows the syntax to point a site or blog to another domain. That way, for instance, wasted traffic from an inactive domain benefits an active one.

So if you're sitting on a bunch of tasty domains that you've not yet developed, put them to use, pointing any otherwise lost traffic to benefit a live site.

Good idea, no? ...

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Maintain Unmanaged VPS – Part 13: Restrict Access to Nginx Web Files with Auth_Basic

auth_basic code

Easily restrict access to hide sensitive data, admin areas & other web pages using the Nginx web server's Auth_Basic security module & the htpasswd password creation tool.

What we're gonna do, essentially, is to create a password file, then adapt a site's virtual host file. That done, Nginx knows there's a point of restricted access, and knows where to look for the corresponding password so that, when we surf to ...

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Maintain Unmanaged VPS – Part 12: Gain Benefit From Parked Domains

nameserver DNS records

To park a domain is simply to add it, undeveloped, with a DNS manager. Big deal! More useful is to point it to a developed site, gaining the traffic.

For instance, you may actively use, and have registered but doing nothing. Here's how you can use the .org as a parked domain redirecting to, benefitting from the ...

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