Web corporatization: the death of an ideal

Is the web we've loved a busted flush?

To me it resembles, increasingly, Main Street, the modern High Street with all those duopolising franchise brands giving us an illusion of choice whilst running the indies, and real choice, out of business.

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… And that's before we figure in the ultimate cull, the death of net neutrality (the level playing field that has been a one-speed web that's free to use): the elitist plan for a two tier web will affect online in a way pretty much equivalent to how out-of-town shopping malls undercut Mama-Papa stores, largely ruining the job-creating middle class as well as what was once a gentler culture.

Is this really progress?

Anyhow, here's another nail in the coffin, care of CIABook, bless, and very interesting …

“Long gone are the days when Facebook would simply show you everything that happened in your network in strict chronological order.

“Instead, algorithms filter […] This means that even if I have, say, 400 friends, only a dozen or so might actually see any given thing I post.”

You can read the rest of that intriguing article at Valleywag and, if you use social media, maybe you should.


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