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WordPress 3.7 Ships with Auto-Updates. Don’t Use That! (Generally.)

WordPress people know a lot about WordPress updates, but all to often they need to know a lot more, to avoid a broken site.

For one thing, WordPress bloggers, with good intention, tend to tell us to always update asap, upon a core update being available. That can be bad advice leading to broken sites, as we casually hack ourselves, effectively, due to incompatibilities from unkempt plugins, old themes and the like.

The ...

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Basic Password Security: Think again. #nsa #&pals!

Shopping for an SSL certificate, I see cert keys must now be 2048 characters, not just the previous 1028.

… Such is the spying frenzy from our dear leaders, good job.

My clearly not-at-all-political point is this: isn't it time that we recognised that, to protect our biz and identities, we should be using mission critical passwords of, what, at least 128 characters? Or maybe just 64 if you change them each ...

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‘WordPress 3 Ultimate Security’ Book – Press Release


Some of you may have found this site off the back of a pretty well-known post about WordPress security, 10 Tips To Make WordPress Hack-Proof.

In the comments I promised a follow-up because, frankly, I wasn't satisfied with the content, it just didn't cover the WordPress security bases. The problem was, to properly ...

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VPS Bible: Do I Really Have to Charge? logo has been live for nearly a week.

It provides a niche home for the subject Setup Unmanaged VPS 4 Linux Noobs and I built it somehow to monetize the time it takes to produce these tutorials, while also giving Guvnr back its remit ...

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Guv Goes West (& He’s Running)

Welcome to the UAE!

Thank God, Allah, the moon & stars and whoever else you like, but I'm leaving this nightmare web connection in the UAE and coming back to the world of internet connectivity, TODAY.

I am soooooooooooo happy about that.

Living here, work-wise, has been like going back 15-20 years, to the days when BT was the UK's monopolising telephone company and ‘us ...

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Hack WordPress, Edit More Default Comments & Save Time

wordpress comments edit box

This tutorial explains how to increase the default number of comments shown on the WordPress Admin Comments Editor page, by editing edit-comments.php.

Dunno about you, but life's too short to be clicking thru' all those view/edit comments pages, with only 20 listed by default per page. Let's sort that.

Problem: ...

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The Fine Art of WP Upgrades. Wait up!

wordpress upgrade page logo

You click on the shiny upgrade button on your WP Dashboard, but then something is broken – a plugin, a function, whatnot. Easy tiger, not so fast ..

A typical scenario:-

  • The blogger: Keen, easily tempted, likes security, bug fixes, insurance.
  • The problem: Bugs, broken plugins & functions, wasted time.
  • The solution: Downgrade ...
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Video How-to: Install WordPress – Nice ‘n Simple

WordPress vintage "Hello World" post

So you wanna blog, huh? You’ve looked at the options and like WordPress. Maybe you like the scalability and personalisation that WordPress offers, but are put off by the installation process?

Don't be.

In this video I'll show you, video too, how to install WordPress, nice ‘n simple – including that bit about connecting it to a database. (Ouch! No, ...

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Guvnr Gets WordPressed (hey, I’m on your Dashboard!)

Guvnr, on your Dashboard

Like I said, I've had problems aplenty with my hosting provider Lunarpages * this last week – or was that two – who apparently aren't set up for traffic spikes and then lose databases.

I've taken steps to ensure this doesn't happen again and will blog about that.

* EDIT: Fact is, I binned those LooneyTunes, months ago now, after their “support” department managed to lose ...

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HOSTING PROBLEM – Notice to My Splendid Subscribers & Rock-on Readers…

guvnr blog screenshot

Hey folks, Guv here!

Just a quick note to say I've had some pig-ear problems with my hosting provider this last week, and am taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again. I'll be writing some more about this, soon as.

Meantime, I know there have been a lot of people finding my site down this last few days, and apologies. Service will resume, blog posts and all, ...

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