Guv Goes West (& He’s Running)

Welcome to the UAE!

Thank God, Allah, the moon & stars and whoever else you like, but I'm leaving this nightmare web connection in the UAE and coming back to the world of internet connectivity, TODAY.

I am soooooooooooo happy about that.

Living here, work-wise, has been like going back 15-20 years, to the days when BT was the UK's monopolising telephone company and ‘us lot' were lucky to get a 56k modem.

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I daresay things are better in Dubai and, say, Abu Dhabi but, phew, where I've been (and I'm not specifying) has been completely utterly pathetic or, conversely, brilliant if you're after an early retirement.

.. So in case you were wondering why I've been quiet, that's why, plus: everything online takes at least 4-5 times longer to do; I daresay my site is falling apart on various browsers now; is actually banned here because of my tutorials about setting up proxies. (There will be more of those now, for sure.)

I reenter the West, frankly, pissed off at what I have seen, more politicised .. and more keen to help facilitate people's online privacy, education and freedom of speech.

(So the next time you see that cable guy, buy him a drink!)

P.S. That pic? Just about sums the place up.


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  1. the_guv  January 9, 2010

    @Trav .. hey stranger, big cheers. Damn, worst place I’ve been to, bloody awful. Dubai is just a big shopping mall with roads in it, the whole place is effectively mafia run (call themselves sheiks). The rich are few and the poor, piss-poor, else Pakistani/Indian emigrants treated like slaves (housed in concentration camps too).

    What they really need is a good old-fashioned revolution. (And for Western biz to learn some humanity.)

    Oman is better. Not hard.

    Sorry Trav, you got me going m8 .. place rather disappointed me 😛

  2. Trav  January 9, 2010

    welcome back! i knew you were in uae when you blogged about it awhile back lol

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