Happy New Year, Snappy New Site & a Ton of New Content

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OK, so we're all turkey'ed out and glad to be back at work. Sure, I was really thinking that last week on the ski slope. And I guess this is one of those years we face with a certain degree of trepidation.

Hey, you never know. Maybe Microsoft will go out of business, Internet Explorer finally gets binned and we're all laughing after all.

Maybe not.

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But I, for one, don't wish to care too much what they say about economic meltdown, the fact we'll all be potato farming by August or, even, that the online porn industry has gone tits up … ‘cos guvnr.com comes of age in 2009.

So what's in store?

Well, for starters, we've got a new site, and I'll come to that in a mo.

More importantly, I've got some cracking content planned for this year, with a feisty fistful of fabulous … well, a whole bunch of posts, with tips, tutorials, and a cacheful of video “guvUtorials”.

Prime content. Here's the scoop.

  • Web   A raft of pieces about getting the most out of your surfing, safely and anonymously. Plus a ton about web development, online marketing and blogging, all with the geek-Greek nicely sweetened.
  • Content   Some of the best websites to hit – which reminds me my bookmarks need organising again – and how to use your web browser to make the most of those sites, and more. And a fair few posts about making content, in a whole range of media formats, both for on- and offline.
  • PC   Like I say, “hone IT, enjoy IT.” Here again, there'll be a happy handful of bulletted guides to help you get the most from your machine, and not just have to swear at it.
  • My resolution: 2 posts per week. Top-notch content. 40%+ video. Your requests.

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    Yup. You heard it here. If you're an online kind of a Jo or Joe, wanna make content or have machine mania, go fix a feed and there'll be a steal of ridiculously useful content for you to pocket. Enjoy.

    The video thing? Well, while I'll have detailed side notes about ‘how-to whatnot', there's no comparison with a video to illustrate a process, so that's what you'll get. If you like, you can skip this site entirely and just catch the vids at YouTube; search for my profile there, guvnrDOTcom.

    And there are bound to be things you want covered. Let me know. I've got a few requests on the go already; a few folks asking about migrating IE favorites as Firefox bookmarks, and a 1-2-3 video guide to setting up a proxy server, for examples. Hey, request away.

    The new site.

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    It had to happen. I hope you like it. Please let me know. Especially…if you don't.

    Fact is, the old site was thrown together when I had little time and I didn't really like it. So I re-skinned it, but really what was needed was a total renovation, which now is what's gone live. The only original components are the old posts, from last year.

    It's simpler to navigate, easier to use. And it's geared to drumming up some web biz, of course, so I dropped the orange and went blue. Just like my hair.

    guvnr.com service page screenshot

    Under the hood, replete with jQuery and CSS-savvy, it has the engine of a Hummer, except that this baby is lightweight, a fast-loader. Oh yeeeaaah – more bio, baby, less fossil!

    Well, something like that. Take it for a test drive and let me know. I'd appreciate your comments. Especially the one about my deliberate mistake.

    Here's to the Year Ahead

    So before we head off to those potato fields, swapping silicon for starch, I'm sure there'll be some top edu-tainment around here, and I look forward to sharing that with you, as have so many others, online, with me.

    Here's to a big, tag-cloud ‘9.



About the Author:

Olly Connelly (yeah, that's me) blogs at guvnr.com, polices WordPress security at wpCop.com and helps noobs build web servers at vpsBible.com, so if you've got sleeping problems you know where to come.


  1. jiveturkey  January 10, 2009

    jquery video tutorials, that would be nice

  2. the_guv  January 10, 2009

    @Rick, for sure, that’s a great idea. Very good, you’ve got me thinking.
    @jiveturkey, there are a few I have in mind for jQuery, and I LOVE JQUERY, but don’t think that’s this blog’s market. Will see how the userbase shapes up before ploughing in.

  3. rick  January 10, 2009

    ahoy Olly … teach me how to use facebook, please pretty please. For the business, that is.

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