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** Secure ** email/webmail project ~ you want “in” | can you help?

I build servers as part of my biz and have been considering a range of hyper-secure servers, only affordable for once!

For example, non-logging VPNs and disk-encrypted mail servers are what we need. In the wake of the NSA scandal, maybe you've read something about this (although anyone who ever got a targeted ad from the spyfest that is Gmail should already know about this. ...

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An Open Letter to Packt Publishing


An open letter to Louay Fatoohi (Founder) and Douglas Paterson (Publisher, OpenSource) at Packt Publishing.

Dear Louay and Douglas,

Having not heard from Louay regarding the negotiations I had with Douglas, in over eight months, I have launched the agreed website, I am happy to provide Packt with whatever site revenue, Louay, that ...

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PayPal Support? You Must be Joking

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The sham that is PayPal does not fail to disappoint.

First they open a “case” for no apparent reason, having received no complaint and as I explained in PayPal: Can I Trust You With My Business?

Then they steal money from my account. Steal? Strong word huh .. it's in the dictionary. (Sue me!)

17 emails to their “support” department later, they haven't answered ...

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PayPal: Can I Trust You With My Business?

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PayPal brands itself as The faster and safer way to get paid. Really? I've used the service over many years and generally everything seems to work.

Sometimes, though, their poor controls and irresponsibility takes over and completely screws your time and business.

Here's one such occasion. It is not the first such example, nor the worst case I have had (by far) ...

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