PayPal: Can I Trust You With My Business?

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PayPal brands itself as The faster and safer way to get paid. Really? I've used the service over many years and generally everything seems to work.

Sometimes, though, their poor controls and irresponsibility takes over and completely screws your time and business.

Here's one such occasion. It is not the first such example, nor the worst case I have had (by far) but it illustrates, as well as any, an endemic problem with PayPal that I, at least, have never known with any other financial institution (for all their sins) ..

.. they like playing God.

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My lodged complaint sums it up ..

Incorrect Paypal Payment Reversal:
There was no seller or buyer dispute.

I wish to appeal PayPal's decision in a closed dispute please in a case that, incredibly, was opened, judged and resolved by PayPal without the buyer or seller having made a complaint. Here is the background.

My PayPal business account accepts multiple subscription payments to my website

On 26 Oct 2010 I received the following payment:-

Unique Transaction ID #[somenumber]

Name: [hidden] (The sender of this payment is Verified)

On 29 Oct 2010 PayPal opened an “investigation” for this transaction, holding the payment. The buyer had made no complaint. Nor had I. Both the buyer and seller have “verified” accounts.

.. Why was this investigation opened?

PayPal asked me to provide evidence that the buyer had received a product. I replied to PayPal politely suggesting that, as the buyer had not lodged a complaint, you “Kindly mind your own business, not mine.”

Today this case was closed by PayPal with the payment having been deducted from my account and “reversed”.

.. Why?

On your help documents it states that it is possible to appeal a decision:-

“Note: After a claim has been closed, you have 10 calendar days to appeal the decision.”

The procedure for doing this ..

# Click the View button in the Action column.

# Click Appeal this claim and follow the prompts.

.. doesn't work. I am therefore sending you this email. I wish politely to request further information as well:-

This particular payment is for a very small amount of money but that is not the point.

.. The question is, how can I trust PayPal when you act unaccountably and in a cavalier and intrusive fashion that wastes my time and damages my business?

I would appreciate you responding to this concern please and, as I have asked, to explain why this case was opened and why you have effectively pilfered my account without stating a reason.

In anticipation of your support, thank you.

I'll let you know how I get on but, on past performance, I can predict I won't even get a reply. Thank God/PayPal/take-your-pick that the payment was only for a few bucks (this time).


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