** Secure ** email/webmail project ~ you want “in” | can you help?

I build servers as part of my biz and have been considering a range of hyper-secure servers, only affordable for once!

For example, non-logging VPNs and disk-encrypted mail servers are what we need. In the wake of the NSA scandal, maybe you've read something about this (although anyone who ever got a targeted ad from the spyfest that is Gmail should already know about this. ;))

First, I'm interested in a secure email box. Here are some thoughts I tapped out to my Facebook community earlier. Let me know if this interests you too, whether as a mail user, a developer or maybe even as a sponsor …


Idea for community-based ** secure ** email/webmail? You want this? …

Out of interest, just wondered what uptake there might be for this (IF I bother to build this) …

Last year, I migrated my various email addresses from Google Apps (kind of gmail-posh) due to the privacy issues. (As part of my biz I set up and secure web and mail servers anyhow, so this time I figured it was time to set up my own.)

Now, I'm considering setting up a high performance mail server for folks wanting proper mail security … kind of like Hushmail, if you know what that is, just not costing such silly money each month, something really affordable, not ‘corporate'. Pretty much a cost price, realistically just to cover admin and server costs, and depending on the uptake/potential. Probably using something like Axigen, which is a nice user-friendly mail server.

This would be a ***super secure*** mail server, everything encrypted, for instance, webmail via https, etc. That's the point. IF this project were successful then I'd set up a sister project, a VPN … one that doesn't log anything … but that's kind of down the road.

BUT. This would not be some ticket to spam! Spammers need not apply here, you'd get banned pretty quick.

Lemme know your thoughts people, would be interested to have your feedback and, if you're some kind of developer, especially.


About the Author:

Olly Connelly (yeah, that's me) blogs at guvnr.com, polices WordPress security at wpCop.com and helps noobs build web servers at vpsBible.com, so if you've got sleeping problems you know where to come.


  1. Olly  October 22, 2013

    Hey Dirk, thanks for that. Sorry for late reply, just back from a few days 100% on hols, 100% offline. What a treat.

    Please register for free at wpCop and let me know your vpsB username … I’ll be glad to upgrade you.

    Probably the reason you fell through the net is because my vpsBible mailing list, like the site more generally, became pretty unruly … I deleted about 30,000 (mostly spam) registrations before sending out that mail, culling all addresses bar those I could be sure were genuine …

    … @ALL – so if anyone else hasn’t received the vpsBible > wpCop offer, which you can read about at the bottom of http://guv.li/packt, then please let me know and, again, I’ll be pleased to upgrade you to a premium wpCop membership.

    It’s been a pretty tough time, this bullshit Packt deal having massively set me back – I’m having to waste yet more precious time this very morning putting these bastards back in their box – but I’m getting there, turning things around now, so I’ll be writing more about that soon enough.

    Re the mail server, good to hear. I was thinking more about that while on hols, adn about an accompanying, *totally-non-logging* VPN service, and my idea is to roll that out to Guvnr/vpsB/wpC folks first, with cut-to-bone prices in exchange for an initial beta service.

    Onwards and upwards, ciao for now. 🙂

  2. Dirk  October 13, 2013

    Hy Olly,

    you upgrade VPSBible members tp wpcop premium? Got no invitation. The idea with secure mail servers sounds good.

  3. Olly  October 9, 2013

    Hey Phil the Chill 🙂 … long time no speak, great to see you about and I hope you’re well.

    Did you get my invite for wpCop? Register there if you like, whenever, and let me know, will be glad to upgrade you to Premium as a vpsBible member.

    Otherwise, thank you for this feedback. Out of interest, would you be interested in having …

    – a regular, super-secure mailbox, like, say me@generic.com
    – domain-specific, like Google Apps, so me@myOwnDomain.com
    – or both

    Really, I can’t think of a reason why both wouldn’t be possible, on the cheap. In fact, I can’t really think of a reason why the second option need cost much more a generic mailbox, either. Diskspace is dirt cheap, after all. Just a question of keeping out teh spammers, I’d have thought, likely by setting quotas which would be irrelevant for regular users.

    … The only brain tease that I can think of, really, is where best to place the server so that it can’t be bothered by intrusive government. (It’s not necessarily that one shouldn’t trust government, but UK gov, for instance, has a record of leaving our confidential data on trains! … and we know from Snowdon that most of the spying is outsourced to private companies with zero accountability to the electorate.) But seeing as this is for email, which isn’t time-sensitive in teh way web pages clearly must be, the location is pretty irrelevant anyway, from a performance perspective.

  4. Philip Churchill  October 8, 2013

    Love the idea of this. I wolud defiantly like to host my email on a very secure server.

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