How to Surf Anonymously & Hide Your PC: Part 5 – Video How to: Set Up a Proxy

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If you want to be anonymous in real life, buy a big coat. Online, and for your PC, it's more complex. Why do it? To shore up your identity, safeguard data, secure eCommerce and give peace of mind.

Better Anonymity with

UPDATE: Feb 2013

This guide is old. The theory is good but the practise is worn.

For up-to-date advice please check out my new site wpCop which, while niche targetting WordPress security, also covers the bases for PC, web and server security.


Guvnr, BTW, has relaunched to front as the blog for both wpCop and, shortly, my server installation guide vpsBible.

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This guvGuide helps you find the level of anonymity to suit you, to take control of your identity, to enjoy faster, safer surfing and, in Part 5…

…to set up a proxy server.

A comprehensive guide, spread over 5 posts:-

Setup Unmanaged VPS (4 Noobs!) ... with vpsBible
Secure WordPress. Properly. ... with wpCop, the platform's dedicated security website
Olly 'the_guv' Connelly's site and 'WordPress 3 Ultimate Security' book.

Proxy server. Sounds complex, huh? It isn't. The video shows how to set up yours in minutes.

Video: Proxying Is This Easy ..

Watch the video for a better idea of how to do this.

Guv's on YouTube at

Why use a proxy?

The proxy server, above most else, provides an anonymous online profile. This is because, rather that your computer connecting with a web server and giving your connection details – such as your IP address – the proxy acts as a middleman, giving its information instead.

Most of the time, so what! But there may be times when you want to lay low:-

  • if you're using someone else's PC, maybe at work
  • you want to watch video specific to a territory; say, BBC video from abroad
  • you're in China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Vietnam, Zimbabwe and various others
  • you're a political dissident
  • you're a journalist and want to protect your sources
  • you're a hacker
  • you just don't want the unknown – and the known like Google – tracing your browsing. Do you publish your diary too?

There are all sorts of advanced proxy solutions out there, but they tend to boil down to the same thing; finding a middle agent to assume your IP address and mask other personal identifying information. Here, and illustrated in the video tutorial, are the steps you must take to do this the easy way.

Check your IP

Go to and the page will tell you your current IP address. Note this.

Find a Proxy IP Address

Go to (or similar by Googling “proxy list”) and click on proxy lists. These are updated daily, maybe every few minutes.

Copy an address (it'll have a format like and its corresponding port number (sometimes IP and port are together, in a format like, where 65208 is the port.)

If you want to access data in a specific territory (ie, BBC video is only online for UK IP address identifiers) then choose an IP from that country.

Configure your browser


Firefox proxy settings dialogue box

Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Connection > Settings > [check] Manual proxy configuration, add the IP and port number, and click OK.

Internet Explorer

Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Local Area Network Settings > LAN Settings > [check] Use a proxy server for your LAN, add the IP and port number, and click OK.

Recheck your IP

Go back to and the page will tell you your new IP address. It will be different from your original IP.

Your proxy server is working.

The Video How-to Tutorial Guide Thingummy

If that sounds technical, watch the video to see just how easy it is (and to hear my dulcet tones.) If it's easy enough, check out the video anyway ‘cos, hey, it took me an hour!

And that's it for this series of posts, concerning online privacy. Having followed this guide, you can set a level of anonymity that suits you. If you've missed any sections, take a look because they're all useful. Surf safer, faster, and with confidence.

Jump to another section of the anonymity guide:-


About the Author:

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  1. the_guv  May 2, 2011


    OK, damn, this reply is too late for you 😉 but for anyone wondering ..

    “will this method work with every ISP server, like Verizon DSL for example?”


    “I mean, I won’t loose my connection via Verizon if I do this, will I?”


    “How long does the proxy remain?”

    till the proxy provider goes tits up, else you disconnect ..

    “How do you go back to your regualar ISP address?”

    .. by reverting your settings, reversing above settings

    “Does it revert automatically, or do you have to manually reset it?”

    answered above 🙂

  2. D. R.  November 9, 2010

    QUESTION: will this method work with every ISP server, like Verizon DSL for example? I mean, I won’t loose my connection via Verizon if I do this, will I?

    How long does the proxy remain? How do you go back to your regualar ISP address? Does it revert automatically, or do you have to manually reset it?

    Thank you.

  3. the_guv  October 24, 2010

    @stef66 and @Dimitri .. that’s a question of Googling. Free proxies change from day to day. Get friendly on some proxy forum for updates is the best advice, else go the Tor route (which is slow) or else pay for a service.

  4. stef66  August 18, 2010

    Could you give me a reliable UK proxy server?


  5. the_guv  July 25, 2010

    well Dimitri .. Google’s a start 😛 .. look for Proxy Forums and get involved with the community is best advice.

  6. Dimitri  July 3, 2010

    I am in Bulgaria and wanting to access spotify. I assume a proxy server is the way to go? When I go to I am not getting a list of IP addresses and port numbers. Where do I find these please?

  7. the_guv  May 15, 2010

    @Dude, you’re welcome, Sir.

  8. Dude  May 15, 2010

    Thanks for all the information. It is very helpful

  9. the_guv  April 23, 2010

    no idea William, I use my own on a VPS (that’s the best way for a few bucks per month):-

    EASY Connect with a SOCKS/ SSH Proxy Tunnel: VPS BIBLE – vpsBible

  10. Williamizbeast  April 21, 2010

    hey i was wondering is there a good proxy liek urs? that i could use to server bc i see you need a username and a password. i was wondering do u think you could help me find one?

  11. Susan  August 4, 2009

    Nice blog

  12. the_guv  May 27, 2009

    @Cardoza, CE – Muchas gracias – lo agradezco.

  13. Cardoza, C E  May 24, 2009

    Gracias! Hombre

    El lenguaje utilizado es muy sencillo, facil de entender!

  14. the_guv  February 11, 2009

    @Melanie, big tx, any problems, lemme know and I’ll try to help.

  15. Melanie  February 10, 2009

    Hello Olly
    Am spreading the word!

  16. the_guv  February 7, 2009

    cheers jester

  17. jester  February 7, 2009

    nice vid guv

  18. the_guv  February 4, 2009

    @gigi, you’re welcome. Corrie! Damn.
    @need a proxy, here’s the deal… proxy IP’s outdate quickly. So, so do the lists. Most are only useful for a day or so, maybe less. If you want a regular proxy list source, you have to schmooze into a proxy forum community, and that can take a little time. Try You bring up a good point, this isn’t clear, in fact I’ve not mentioned, in the post … will ammend that. Thank you.

  19. gigi  February 4, 2009

    thanks again guv – now I can watch Corrie!

  20. need a proxy  February 2, 2009

    I’ve downloaded proxy lists but the addresses either don’t work, are really slow, or stop working. Where do you get your lists, please? I’m in France and want to watch the tv from the UK.

  21. the_guv  January 28, 2009

    @riryzarri & hanke, big cheers to you.

  22. hanke  January 28, 2009

    Excellent series. Must act on it!

  23. riryzarri  January 25, 2009

    you made that simple, cheers

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