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Video How-To: Save Money with Promo Codes – Nice & Easy

website promo code submission form

Buying online? Wanna save a few bucks? Got 5 mins?

This video shows you how, using promotion coupon codes, nice ‘n easy.

It's not exactly a science, but online shoppers after a bargain often fall short when it comes to how to find promo codes that actually work.

A wee tweak to your search criteria, and you're fit to go.


Friday Fun: 2012 & timeline_39

timeline_39 on the forums image

Heard of 2012? Google it. Even better. YouTube it.

OK, so we're heading for impending disaster? Dunno. But I'll tell you what, some of the vids and threads are darned entertaining. Bit like taking a roller-coaster ride. Why do we like scaring ourselves? Dunno that either.

And then some of the stuff out there just gets, like, totally AWOL. ...

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15 Ways to Protest About Facebook’s Content Scraping Strategy

Facebook copyright protest image

So, what's the problem? Facebook's already about-faced, yeah? Your content is safe, huh? ‘Cos the debate about your content in Facebook's hands has been all over the blogoswhatnot, featured on webzines and buried down CNN's running order. It's Digged to death, done ‘n dusted?


If you saw any Facebook exec interviewed about this, the nuance is more about, “er, we'll have to educate our ...

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Facebook – Cool, huh! (Except They Want To Steal Your Content?)

facebook logo

If you use Facebook. And value your content and identity. You need to read this.

A few weeks ago I wrote a series of posts about online anonymity and safe surfing. There was a section about social networks. Apparently it wasn't big enough.

Facebook has gone a ...

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Surf Fast with Google Chrome – here’s the cheatsheet

Google chrome logo

Speed up your surfing or web development with Google's web browser. Here is how.

I'm finding Google Chrome really useful. It's sped up my workload.

Sure, it lacks some of the goodybag trimmings of Opera and, especially, Firefox, but I reckon Google Chrome is just about the ...

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If it Ain’t Got a Date, Read it at your Fate

checking for the date image

Dating blog posts is important, on the whole. Undated articles aren't fully qualified, are frequently out-of-date, and for those of us needing up-to-date information they can be misleading.

You're surfing, maybe researching. You need info. And you happen upon with, pretty much, the words you need to read. Looks good.

But. Something sparks your headset and, casting your eye away from the ...

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Review: Obama’s Inauguration Online & the Web 2.0 Generation, a Partisan Party

Obama inauguraton, Tweeted

If you were in any doubt about which demographic tipped the win for Obama, the online coverage of his big day held a pretty hefty clue.

For anyone who was in front of their PC, surfing the news, it was apparently hard to tear away from the live video coverage, complete with scrolling user comments, of the inauguration day celebrations for the new American president.

UPDATE Feb 2013

Looking ...

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