Friday Fun: 2012 & timeline_39

timeline_39 on the forums image

Heard of 2012? Google it. Even better. YouTube it.

OK, so we're heading for impending disaster? Dunno. But I'll tell you what, some of the vids and threads are darned entertaining. Bit like taking a roller-coaster ride. Why do we like scaring ourselves? Dunno that either.

And then some of the stuff out there just gets, like, totally AWOL. Take this…

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timeline_39 is the handle for some guy at the Time Travel Institute, a forum about, you guessed it, time travel. But he ain't no regular member. ‘Cos he's from, er, 2039, and he's come back to tell us about 2012.

So once you've got a handle on the basics of the end of the planet, and have an hour or two to spare, check out this thread.

At first it just seems pretty freaky. The class is in the interaction, and how the folks get would up. Has to be said though, t_39 is a pretty top hoax. Or is he hoaxing? Dunno, again. I know less as I get older, I do know!

Read the first few pages and, hmmn, you may just get hooked into reading the whole darn lot.

Enjoy, and happy Fridays. Enjoy them while you can 😉


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  1. the_guv  March 23, 2009

    tx Annunaki. ha! you been reading too much Sitchin?!

  2. annunaki  March 20, 2009

    guv, great friday spot… but i got even less work done than usual 😉

    ps…poss type-0 …´would up´ is wound up, no?

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