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Blogging, at least in the early days, can be a lonely thing (sobs). You may know the deal .. you shove out loads of posts that only Mum reads, tap your fingertips raw until Google realises you are one of those (relatively) rare breeds that actually writes original, half-decent content. Fact is, it takes a while to build up. Then again, doesn't anything worthwhile?

Slowly, you gain some presence, get some comments, gain some encouragement and create some business .. hey, you even make some friends.

Then, every now and then, you get an unexpected coup. Something totally out of the blue that, somehow, stirs the heart and energizes the mind.

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So, I checked my mail the other day and, imagine my surprise, up popped this chap, Michael Terence, the guv at a States-based web host company, Uncorrupted:-

Hello Olly,

I just wanted to thank you for the guide(s) you've put online. I've used bits and pieces and they've greatly simplified my life.

As a “thank you” I wanted to offer you a free VPS – no strings attached or anything… just wanted to say thanks.

The servers are Dell PowerEdge R610s with 24 gigs of RAM, 6 146gig 15K SAS drives @ RAID10, and 2 of the new Nelaham Processors. They're really beefy and would (I imagine) suit any need you could think of.

I'm not asking you to move your sites over or anything you could of course use it for that but if you didn't want to it would make an overpowered dev box.

The VPS server I'd place you on is brand new, powered by SolusVM, a new and quickly developing control panel. We've had a blast putting it through its paces.

Thanks again for your efforts – they are appreciated

In Cheerful Service,

Well, what could I say? After salivating for several minutes at the prospect of a new, supercharged VPS test box, I got in touch and Michael got me well and truly gizmo'd.

Thank you Michael, and thank you Uncorrupted. Quite humblin', really.

So. What do do with this shiny new, ultra-hot box?

I'm working now on a few posts about building your own private elite proxy server, for those wanting the ultimate anonymity or even to start up a mini-proxy biz. That won't take long. Then I'll be benchmarking Nginx against Lightspeed, Cherokee and some other web servers, and playing with the winner (surely Nginx, but by how much?) with some other Linux distros like Centos.

Of course, I won't be moving my sites from Linode, whose generous and patient loan of a VPS made the VPS Bible possible and, for my hosting requirement, I have been unable to fault. I remain a loyal member of their friendly community.

Nonetheless, it is fantastic to build bridges with Uncorrupted, with whom I hope sincerely to create some hyper-handy projects for opensource benefit (er, sure, and to graft some biz off the back of that.) The fact is, this awesome gesture galvanizes Guvnr's future VPS-related tutorials, which is a great boon for this blog. Just to add another g, I am grateful. Great. (Stop that.)

Right. Totally corrupted – corrupted by kindness – onwards and upwards.


About the Author:

Olly Connelly (yeah, that's me) blogs at guvnr.com, polices WordPress security at wpCop.com and helps noobs build web servers at vpsBible.com, so if you've got sleeping problems you know where to come.


  1. the_guv  October 23, 2009

    @Ricardo .. big cheers amigo mio.

    PS .. su ingles es mejor que es mi espanol! no tengo escusas, mi mujere es espanola.

  2. Ricardo Lopez  October 16, 2009

    Hola Guv, splendid my friend I’m glad someone on the community like me had pleased with your tutorials and tips, gave you this superb top-of-the-market server for testing purposes and other stuff…
    I’m really happy, keep up your great work and you’ll see how fast your going to improve everything you do for US.
    P.S. I hope I’ve made myself clear. I’m improving my english

    Saludos desde Mexico,

  3. the_guv  October 15, 2009

    terrific .. tuts-tastic! .. totally tip-top 😀

    (will try not to blow ’em up. should anyone smell smoke ..)

  4. Michael.Terence  October 15, 2009

    This was too much Olly. Thank you.

    We’re glad to be of service and just want to help the online community by providing a place for you to “play”. I look forward to our continued relationship – I see great things. 🙂

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