Link up: Good Yet Simple Back-Link Strategies


Problem: You blog to death, promote like mad, but still aren't receiving back-links.

Solution (or some of it): Read this, from Paul at WebDistortion.

It's not very often I write a post about someone else's content. Indeed, this is the first time – Friday Fun links aside – although I want to change that a bit and spread the love. My reticence is mainly because, well, plagiarism just isn't the done thing, old man. Plus, partly because it's not a top priority .. but also because so much online is a crass rehash and that's not a train I wanna jump on.

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But here's an exception and, for those of you who, like me, are trawling for traffic and therefore those all-important backlinks, I'd recommend you to take a peek at this amusing spin into what makes for compelling content.

Here's the list summary. For Paul's fleshed out reasoning, check out that link. In fact, scour his entire blog, it's busting inspiration at its ruddy Irish seams.

10 Point Plan to Build Links

  • Stop wasting top content on Twitter
  • Write unique posts
  • Leave titbits
  • Encourage sharing
  • Attract an audience of content creators
  • Craft memorable posts
  • Think outside the box
  • Avoid overt commerciality
  • Remember usability
  • Go the extra mile

Truth is, I'm guilty on various counts. Hands up. Must try harder. (Bugger.)

If anyone can tell me their recipe for link-baiting, I'd love to know.

Mine? Other than writing and coding with SEO to mind, the God's honest is that I rarely make the time – and need to, let's face it. I'm active in a bunch of relevant forums though, complete with canny signature, and that helps a bit, and I write the occasional guest blog piece. I'd recommend press releases too.

I guess Paul's SEO piece did the trick. Got back-linked here after all!


About the Author:

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  1. Angelica Raymond  December 23, 2010

    These articles are of utmost importance but can u please tell me of some automated software that could make links to my blog automatically…!

  2. the_guv  February 9, 2010

    @tukaram .. thank you .. well, IU’ve barely got into it but did sign up for “IBL”, so Google that. “instant link builder” or something I think.

  3. tukaram  February 9, 2010

    These articles are of utmost importance but can u please tell me of some automated software that could make links to my blog automatically…!

  4. the_guv  February 1, 2010

    hey Moses,

    really, this is the problem with you Aussie lot, init .. all ruddy-sex-bloody-maniacs.

    now, being a British kind of a chap, I didn’t click-through and besides, when I got there, I didn’t scroll all the way down the page.

    (love your RSS link .. “Get some Boobs in your Box”)

    @ALL .. this site has a policy of freedom of breasts information .. but if it gets any more naughty than that or if my missus catches me .. I may have to reconsider.

    (Moses – my email is ….)

  5. Moses  January 29, 2010

    G’Day Guvnr,

    As you know I run an Australian rugby website. Perhaps not suprisingly, my target audience is Australian males.

    My best link baiting effort revolved around a very popular Australian “true” crime drama called Underbelly. This show rates very highly in Australia, probably cause you never have to go more than 10 minutes without seeing b’oobs.

    This fits very nicely with my target market of Australian males, who tend to like chest champions. As such, I registered a free wordpress blog and uploaded screenshots from the show. Then I stuck links to G&GR and my old blog (beerandsport) at the end of each post Obviously it’s not safe for work!.

    It’s had over 100k hits and over 98% of this from Australians. I’m not sure how many clicked through, but it was a labour of love regardless…

  6. the_guv  January 27, 2010

    @Paul .. well, if it isn’t the man himself 🙂

    cheers for those tips, will peek on. and a big cheers for you blog m8, cracking read.

  7. Paul Anthony  January 27, 2010

    Hi Olly, firstly – thanks for the link. :o) Secondly, you are really too kind in your compliments. Like you I just started out the blog, and keep adding to it.

    It’s one of those things – you learn most from doing (and in this case sharing with others).

    As for your wee query on linkbaiting – two other blogs I’d really recommend subbing to, are Cornwall SEO – Lyndon Antcliff -and and that’s just for starters. Might have to put a post together on the rest!


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