LunarPages Hacked My Site!!

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If you stopped by in the last day or so you may have thought I'd jacked it all in.

What happened, where did I go?

Well, I'm sorry, but my ISP, Lunarpages hacked my site, pulled it down and stamped on it. It wasn't entirely their fault, but their mixed support was, and I'll be blogging about that, as well as amending the advice I offer on this site, as a reseller of Lunarpages * services.

* EDIT: No, not any more .. I binned those LooneyTunes months ago now, after their “support” department managed to lose my database. Didn't really ring true, reselling space cadets. Course, I gave 'em a rocket. Hmmn.

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A couple of days ago, a couple of files on my site, according to Lunarpages, sent my shared server's processing through the roof. I've asked for a precise reason but they say they can't give those details, so I have to try to figure it out for myself; I'll let you know. Anyhow, the first I know of it is a page, telling the world my site is now a “suspended page”.

For an online business, that's just great. Cheers.

About a day later, with 4 calls to support, calling international, about a dozen forum messages and another dozen emails, the site's back.

So this week has been decimated. The posts I'd planned. Postponed. The plans I'd had. Compromised. Not happy.

OK. Let's be fair here. This isn't Lunarpages fault. I think. Like I say, I can't be sure because they won't tell me exactly what was the problem. How handy is that? Possibly I had a traffic spike, else maybe an intrusion attack, and the server couldn't cope. I'll let you know.

More on this next week. In the meantime, it's back to business. Of course, it is Friday, the thirteenth! …


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  1. the_guv  November 26, 2010

    @alea .. you’re right. Hands up .. I don’t want to get sued 🙂

  2. alea  November 20, 2010

    Hey the_guv cutting “some of remarks” looks like cencorship just because you may get sued…

  3. the_guv  April 19, 2010

    @Lunar-Gang .. so not a good experience then?! (Sorry m8, I’ve had to cut some of your remarks cos I just don’t wanna get sued .. but they sure made me laugh)

  4. Lunar-Gang  April 9, 2010

    These are the latest jokes about Lunarpages webhosting company
    1.Is your website still running
    A webmaster once siad to me “It’s very hard to create a website, but it’s so easy to shut it down”.
    It is so easy for Lunarpages to shut down your website. No matter how many years you spent, money you paid, hard work you did, they just can.
    Mr [GUV: NAME OMITTED] said “Oh! We noticed that your website runs on our servers”, so he decided to shut it down.

    2.The greatest of all times
    Their great plans, their competetive prices, their quick responce and support…Lunarpages is the greatest of all times. When enciant egyptians built Pyramids, Lunar representatives was there offering a Pyramid plan. Lunar soldiers faught against the Natzies in the 2nd world war using the antinatzy plan. Lunar space plan helped landing on the moon during the sixties.

    3.It’s not up to you !
    It’s not up to you to chose what hosting plan is best to you.
    Mr [GUV: NAME OMITTED] himself once said “We are sorry for the inconvinience”, and then he shut down a website. The website owner can’t afford a dedicated server.”You have to buy it !” said Mr [GUV: NAME OMITTED]. Lunarpages does not care for the poor.

    4.How Lunarpages Faces Attacks !
    They face attacks by shutting down websites
    Mr [GUV: NAME OMITTED] himself – as it turns out that he works for Lunarpages – said “Hey ! We have to shut down your website because,,, maby,,, someone is trying to attack it !”

    5.We Lunarpages have decided to rename our company into Jesuspages !
    No more adult content ! Halalooooya
    6.They collect garbages too !
    Lunarpages system administrators like to [GUV: POTENTIAL LAWSUIT REMOVED!]
    They enjoy doing that.
    Mr [GUV: NAME OMITTED] said “We have a copy of every email sent by your website on file !”. They collect garbages too !

    7.Advice to avoid server loads
    The shared hosting offered by Lunarpages is realy a blast !
    If you are a former Lunarpages client, you might have noticed that their servers are always loaded. Nerly 99% offline time is garateed by Lunarpages due to server loads. Please keep your files to the minimum. You need to be careful not to upload JPG images, instead you are adviced to convert to GIF !

  5. the_guv  February 26, 2009

    UPDATE: OK kids. Er, Lunarpages didn’t really hack my site. But I’m leaving the headline ‘cos it’s getting loads of traffic!

    FACT IS, I got hacked. Ha! So my fault. But not again…

    Er, best ammend the post then…


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