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Cheap Host Review … 6 Months on, Here’s the Verdict

guvnr blog screenshot

When I researched cheap-as-chips ISPs, 6 months ago, I got fed up with all the false friend posts, blog posts that sell you on whatever ISP – Lunarpages, IX, HostGator, GoDaddy, DreamHost, MonsterHost, HostThis, ThatHost – basically telling you they're all great and just “Sign Up Here”. Damn annoying! Here's some reality.

As a Lunarpages reseller * I ...

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Video How-to: Backup & Restore a Database with phpMyAdmin

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How often do you backup your mySQL database? Does the idea fill you with horror? Or do you think the “full backup” option at your ISP covers the database too?

If the answers are “not often enough, pretty much, and not so sure” then here's some help.

Watch this video to see just how fast ‘n easy it is to backup & ...

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LunarPages Hacked My Site!!

Lunarpages Hacked My Site image

If you stopped by in the last day or so you may have thought I'd jacked it all in.

What happened, where did I go?

Well, I'm sorry, but my ISP, Lunarpages hacked my site, pulled it down and stamped on it. It wasn't entirely their fault, but their mixed support was, and I'll be blogging about that, as ...

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Surf Fast with Google Chrome – here’s the cheatsheet

Google chrome logo

Speed up your surfing or web development with Google's web browser. Here is how.

I'm finding Google Chrome really useful. It's sped up my workload.

Sure, it lacks some of the goodybag trimmings of Opera and, especially, Firefox, but I reckon Google Chrome is just about the ...

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